Recognizing the Early Warnings of Lung Cancer

Lung cancer starts in the lungs. It is one of the top causes of cancer deaths globally. Smokers are at the highest risk of getting this disease, though it can also occur in non-smokers. It is recommended to undergo screening if you are at a higher risk. Although active smoking is one of the major causes, passive smoking is also not negligible. In addition, exposure to harmful substances (like radon, air pollution, uranium, asbestos, silica, coal products, and diesel), family history of lung cancer, and ... Read More

The Art and Science of Anaesthesia “he that sleeps feels not the toothache”

The desire to live free of pain is universal among all living creatures, and humans have tried to find ways to alleviate pain. The history of anaesthesia dates back to times immemorial; Even in Ramayana, Laxman was made unconscious (Murcha), by Meghnad. Though science about anaesthesia was unknown, the concept and need of anaesthesia was already placed on record. Anaesthesia means (in Greek) “An - without” and “Aesthesia - sensation” - referring to the inhibition of sensation. E... Read More

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