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Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre is the first institute in Delhi NCR to have a specialized unit of gastrointestinal surgeons with special interest in GI cancers for the management of these cancers. Multidisciplinary team involved in the management of GI and HPB (hepatopancreatobiliary) cancers consists of gastrointestinal surgeon, medical oncologist, radiation oncologist, intervention radiologist, gastroenterologist, hepatologist, nuclear medicine experts, GI pathologist and a stoma therapist. All complex cases are discussed in multi-disciplinary GI and HPB tumor board which is conducted weekly.

For the last one decade this multi-disciplinary team has been providing state of art evidence-based cancer care, at par with international standards, for GI and HPB malignancies. As a result, RGCIRC is one of the highest volume centers for GI and HPB cancer surgeries in India. The department has also pioneered in starting minimally invasive surgery for GI malignancies especially laparoscopic/robotic resection of colorectal cancers and robotic esophagectomies .

What is GI Cancer

Gastrointestinal Oncosurgery is a subspecialty, which deals with the surgical management of cancer of esophagus, stomach, small bowel, colon, rectum, anal canal, gall bladder & biliary tract, pancreas and liver.

GI Cancer includes:

Group 29

Liver Cancer

Specialized Liver clinic for the patients of liver tumors such as hepatocellular carcinoma, metastatic tumor...
Group 32

Gall Bladder Cancer

RGCIRC caters to a large number of gall bladder cancer cases. We have adopted many recent advances in the treatment...
Group 30

Pancreatic Cancer

Management of locally advanced pancreatic cancers with the use of neoadjuvant chemotherapy or chemoradiotherapy
Group 29

Colorectal Cancer

Our department is offering comprehensive care for patients with stage 4 colorectal cancer...

Signs and Symptoms of GI Cancer

Symptoms depend on the site and stage of cancer

Screening and Diagnosis of GI Cancer

History and clinical examination are stepping stones for any diagnosis. Family history of cancer is also important. Clinical Examination should also include nutritional assessment and evaluation of other systems. Investigations include following

Treatment of GI Cancer

Focus is multimodal treatment. All cases are discussed in Multidisciplinary clinic.

Surgery for esophagus and GE junction cancers

  • Ivor Lewis esophagectomy
  • McKeown’s Esophagectomy
  • Laparoscopic esophagectomy
  • Robot assisted minimally invasive esophagectomy
  • Total gastrectomy

  • Surgery for Gastric cancers

  • D2 subtotal /Total gastrectomy
  • Laparoscopic D2 subtotal/total gastrectomy
  • Robotic gastrectomy

  • Surgery for pancreatic cancers

  • Pancreatoduodenectomy
  • Distal pancreatosplenectomy
  • Laparoscopic pancreatic resection

  • Multivisceral resection for retroperitoneal tumors

    Very early cases may not need major surgeries. Only endoscopic mucosal resection for early stomach cancer and polypectomy for colonic polyp may be sufficient

    Surgery for small bowel tumors

    CRS & HIPEC for appendiceal, peritoneal, colorectal and gastric cancers with peritoneal metastases.​

    Surgery for gall bladder cancer

  • Radical cholecystectomy
  • Multivisceral resections including major liver resection.

  • Surgery for liver cancers

  • Hepatectomy
  • Radiofrequency and microwave ablation
  • TACE/TARE for liver tumors
  • Liver transplant
  • Liver resection for colorectal, neuroendocrine and non- colorectal/non -neuroendocrine liver metastases.
  • Liver transplantation for chronic liver disease and liver cancers.

  • Surgery for colorectal cancers

  • Right/left hemicolectomy
  • Anterior resection/low anterior resection
  • Abdominoperineal excision
  • Sphincter saving resections
  • Laparoscopic colorectal resections
  • Robotic colorectal resections.

  • How is RGCI Different

    Our GI Surgeons are dedicated to oncology services only. GI Oncosurgeons are expert in all types of laparoscopic, robotic surgeries. Surgical results are at par with international standards. All cases are discussed in tumor board with focus on multimodality treatment. Infrastructure for providing whole spectrum of GI cancer care(Non Invasive To Invasive Methods Including Liver Transplant) is available at RGCIRC

    Teaching And Training

    The department has been actively involved in teaching and training of DNB trainees as a part of the DNB surgical Oncology course of the institute. The GI and HPB Oncosurgery department also offers, Indian Medical Association accredited one year fellowship in GI and HPB Oncosurgery and have trained many national and international surgeons in the field of GI and HPB Oncosurgery. Our faculty has been participating in various capacities at national and international medical conferences.

    Research And Publications

    The department is also actively involved in research on various aspects of GI and HPB malignancies ranging from basic science to clinical studies. We have been part of many multicentric national and international trials The department is credited with a large number of national and international publications in reputed medical journals.

    Risk Factors of GI Cancer


    Smoking, alcohol

    H.Pylori bacterial infection for stomach cancer

    Reflux oesophagitis

    Polyps in stomach and colon

    Diet-high fat,low fiber diet


    Sedentary lifestyles

    Viral infections HPV for anal cancers/ HCV for liver cancers

    Persistent gall stones

    Parasitic infections of biliary passage

    Prevention & Cure of GI Cancer

    Depending on your personal risk factors and family history, GIcancer risk assessment should be done. Consult a genetic counsellor.

    Change your lifestyles

    Abstain from tobacco and alcohol

    Treat H.Pylori infection and other viral infections

    Surgery for gall stones as advised by your surgeon

    High fiber diet

    Regular screening especially in genetically predisposed cases

    DO’s after Surgery

    DON'Ts after Surgery

    Clinical Service

    Opportunity to Help


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    Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre is today counted amongst Asia’s premier exclusive cancer centres that offer unique advantage of cutting edge technology, put to use by renowned super specialists. This potent combination of man and machine ensures world-class cancer care to not only patients from India, but also from the neighboring SAARC countries and others.

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