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MRI Services

A new state of the art, 64 channels 3T MRI, VIDA 64 from Siemens has been installed at RGCIRC and is fully operational. It is best in class and the only one of its kind in North India, with latest hardware and software. It is a fully loaded system enabled with artificial intelligence (AI) and optimized for oncology imaging. Some key features are as below :-

  • Silent MRI with Wide bore of 70 cm which is helpful for claustrophobic patients.
  • Third level shimming at the level of coils, which enables better acquisition and finer details of the anatomy to be captured.
  • Better quality images with reduced acquisition time.
  • Special high resolution breast coil (16 channel), with a separate biopsy attachment of 4 channels.
  • Hardware capable of acquiring whole body diffusion in very less time, with supported software to generate PET like images.
  • AI based platform to diagnose and assess brain tumors.
  • Special hardware and software to calculate the tumor load in the body and to assess the response after treatment.
  • Capable of doing perfusion scan of the brain, this is useful in brain tumors, stroke and other conditions, without injection of contrast, using ASL technique.
  • MRI compatible pressure injector, to do contrast MRI.
  • MRI compatible anesthesia equipment for Paediatric and adult patients.
  • MRI compatible pulse oximeter for proper patient monitoring.

There are various other features, which are available and enhance the quality and reduce the scanning time of routine studies.

Breast MRI is routinely performed with a high resolution breast coil with advanced software available for analysis of post contrast kinetics of mass lesions. Availability of MR guided breast biopsy is our strength.

Breast MRI

  • Can visualize small abnormalities missed by mammography
  • May be useful in screening women at high risk for breast cancer, according to recent studies.
  • Used effectively in dense breasts
  • Can evaluate the extent of breast cancer
  • Can help determine what type of surgery is indicated (lumpectomy or mastectomy)
  • May detect breast cancer recurrences and residual tumors after lumpectomy
  • Can locate primary tumor in women whose cancer has spread to axillary (armpit) lymph nodes


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