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Molecular Laboratory

molecular laboratory

Molecular diagnostics is highly specialized domain and requires elaborate arrangements in term of physical facility, equipments and manpower resources. The Molecular diagnostic laboratory at RGCI&RC has successfully married all the elements to create state of the art laboratory, that helps physicians to diagnose disease earlier and more precisely for more tailored treatment.  The molecular laboratory performs extensive molecular related tests (Directory of Services). The laboratory lays great emphasis on regular trainings of manpower and follows a strict quality control protocols. To keep the analytical process of the department quality at par with recommended international benchmarks, Lab regularly participates in proficiency testing (UKNEQAS etc.)




Cancer occurs by interplay of environment, lifestyle and a minor component of susceptibility in 85% of patients. In minority of individuals with ovarian cancer (~14%) or breast cancer (approximately 5%) or prostate cancer (~ 5%) or pancreatic cancer (~ 5%)   the mutation in the BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene plays an all-important and overarching role. People with BRCA mutations have a lifetime risk of developing these cancers as given in Table below.

Cancer Type Germline BRCA1 mutated Germline BRCA2 mutated No. of times the risk in Germline
BRCA mutated population
Breast Cancer Female 70% 40% 4-5 folds
Ovarian Cancer 50% 30% 30 folds
Breast cancer Male 1.20% 6.8% 50 folds
Prostate Cancer 2% 5% 3-8.6 folds
Pancreatic Cancer 1% 1% 2-4 folds

BRCA testing is recommended for all patients of ovarian cancer, some patients of Breast cancers, all patients with metastatic prostate and pancreatic cancers. It is important to identify if cancer is due to a BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation because it provides you and your doctors with information that can help treat your cancer and to reduce your risk of future cancer. In addition, BRCA testing is also recommended for First Degree Relatives from 3 generations of a breast / ovarian/ pancreatic/prostate cancer patient with BRCA mutation to identify mutation carriers and encourage them to adopt risk-reducing strategies


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