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Conventional Nuclear Medicine Procedures

Gamma Camera with SPECT-CT

The state-of-the-art Gamma Camera with SPECT tomography & integrated CT scanner was installed in 2015. It provides the best quality Gamma Imaging with CT localization and that helps in image interpretation with greater sensitivity & specificity. This is also a hybrid imaging system mostly used for post radionuclide therapy and for other conventional Gamma imaging.

The patient protection concept is again highlighted in this equipment where the X-ray radiation over exposure is truncated by the equipment itself.

Imaging Procedures

Gamma Camera imaging involves the use of certain isotopes like 99mTc, 131Iodine, 177Lu, 90Y etc for the treatment and diagnosis of various diseases. All diagnostic tests involving radionuclides are carried out routinely for in-house as well as referred OPD patients.

Facilities Provided

  • MDP Bone Scan for skeletal disorders.
  • 99Tc MIBI Scintimammography and parathyroid imaging
  • Different types of renal scans like DTPA and DMSA scans for the Kidney Function & Morphological Defects
  • 99mTc RBC Blood Pool Scans (MUGA scan)
  • Myocardial Perfusion Scans for Cardiac Evaluation,
  • Thyroid uptake and Scans
  • Hepatobiliary Scans including functional liver volumetry,
  • Lung perfusion & Ventilation Scans
  • 131I whole body scans
  • Blood pool imaging for GI bleeding
  • Sentinel Lymphnode Biopsy
A Gamma camera with SPECT-CT facility at the NM department.


Our Locations
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