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Dr. L.M. Darlong

MS (AIIMS), Fellowship Thoracic surgery (S.Korea)

Head of Thoracic Oncosurgery

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Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute, Sector - 5, Rohini, Delhi - 110 085

Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute, Mahender Kumar Jain Marg, Niti Bagh, New Delhi, Delhi 110049


Dr. L. M. Darlong is one of the handful surgeons in India, dedicated to the care of non – cardiac thoracic chest diseases, and focuses on cancer surgery of the lungs, trachea, chest wall, oesophagus, and mediastinum. He emphasises on minimally invasive chest surgery using VATS and Robotic surgery.

Dr. Darlong completed his schooling from Sainik School Imphal  under sainik school society known for instilling discipline and career in armed forces. He earned his Medical Degree from Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal and MS from AIIMS, New Delhi. He completed his Residency in Thoracic Surgery from AIIMS Delhi. He earned his Fellowship in Thoracic Surgery from Korea University Medical Centre, South Korea.

Dr. Darlong pioneered advanced NUSS procedure for pectus deformity in India and is the first in the country to perform advanced NUSS procedure using technique of pectoscopy, crane lift and pectus tunneloscopy.

Dr. Darlong is a diligent medical scholar with publications in various indexed journals and is also a reviewer in various national and international journals of repute.

Specialized Areas

  • Robotic lung cancer surgery
  • Robotic Thymoma / Thymus / Mediastinal surgery
  • Robotic oesophagus cancer surgery
  • VATS, Uniportal thoracoscopy
  • Chest wall tumor and reconstruction
  • Pectus deformity- Nuss procedure [Only centre in India]

Educational Background

  • Fellowship Thoracic Surgery – Korea University Medical Centre, Seoul, S.Korea
  • MS – AIIMS Delhi
  • MBBS – GMC Bhopal


  • 2015 – till date – Head of Thoracic Oncosurgery, RGCI & RC, Delhi
  • 2010-2015 Consultant Thoracic surgery & Thoracic Oncology, Fortis Hospital Noida
  • 2009-2010 – Clinical fellow, Thoracic surgery at Korea university medical centre, Anam hospital Seoul, South Korea
  • 2006-2009-Assistant Professor Surgery, NEIGRIHMS, Sillong.
  • 2002-2005- Senior Resident Thoracic surgery, AIIMS, New Delhi
  • 1999-2001- Junior Resident Surgery, AIIMS, New Delhi

Professional Journey


  • First in the country to perform advanced NUSS using technique of pectoscopy, crane lift and pectus tunneloscopy for chest wall disorder.


  • CTSNET [Cardiothoracic surgery network] Video top contents for Thoracic video 2013, ” Single-incision-thoracoscopic-decortications- stage-3-organized-pleural-effusion”.
  • 3rd Medgate Today India Health care awards 2013 for “Thoracic surgery & Thoracic Oncology”


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  • ASI [ Association of surgeons of India]
  • ISTS [Indian society for thoracic surgeon ]
  • CWIG [Chest wall International Group]
  • IASLC [International association for study of lung cancer]
  • ESTS [ European society for thoracic surgery ]
  • ERS [European respiratory society ]

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