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Metastatic Breast Cancer Preceptorship

Metastatic Breast Cancer Preceptorship
 Hotel Crown Plaza | Rohini, Delhi Feb 02 - Feb 03, 2019 Past


Metastatic Breast Cancer Preceptorship

2-3 February 2019 | Hotel Crown Plaza | Rohini, New Delhi



Overview and Objectives

The Metastatic Breast Cancer Preceptorship is a comprehensive programme for Indian practitioners that include scientific presentations, interactive case studies and discussions. This meeting is designed to allow clinicians and young oncologists to stay up-to-date and assimilate new information into daily clinical practice. Spearheaded by an esteemed faculty, the programme provides a platform for clinicians to:

  • Discuss contemporary clinical data on targeted therapies in mBC
  • Discuss the value of CDK4/6 inhibitors & their role in transforming the current & future standard of care for Hormone receptor positive & Her2Neu negative metastatic breast cancer
  • Understand how patient outcomes along the treatment continuum can be optimized
  • Share experience and best practices on the real-world use of targeted therapies in mBC

Program Director:Dr D. C. Doval (+91-11-47022252)

Program Coordinator: Dr Chaturbhuj Agrawal (+91-9810354544)

Logistics Coordinator: Mr. Purushottam (+91-9873608440)

Logistics Coordinator: Mr. Manoj Chauhan (+91-9873722247) 


Day 1 : 2nd February, 2019
S. No. Time Session Topic Speaker / Facilitator
1 17:00-17:20 Registration
2 17:20-17:30 Welcome and opening remarks Dr. D. C. Doval
3 17:30-17:50 The evolving treatment landscape of mBC: The past, present and future Dr. Vineet Talwar
4 17:50-18:10 Research translation into clinic: Targetable pathways in mBC Dr. Peush Bajpai
5 18:10-18:30 Tea break
6 18:30-19:30 Meet the multidisciplinary mBC team at RGCI: How we work together

    • Interactive session with the panel
    • 10 mins presentation each on their role in the team and how they work together to contribute to mBC patient care
    • Question and answer with discussion at the end

Facilitator : Dr. Chaturbhuj Agrawal

Multidisciplinary mBC team
Dr. Avinash Rao
Dr. Anurag Mehta
Dr. Rajeev Kumar
Dr. Kumardeep Dutta
Dr. Kundan Chufal
Dr. Harsha Agarwal
7 19:30-19:45 Ongoing research in the field of breast cancer: RGCI Dr. D. C. Doval
8 19:45-20:00 Summary of the day and close Dr. D. C. Doval
9 20:00 – onwards Dinner
Day 2 : 3rd February, 2019
S. No. Time Session topic Speaker / Facilitator
Perspectives in HR+ HER2- mBC
1 9:00-9:10 Opening remarks Dr. D. C. Doval
2 9:10-9:30 CDK 4/6 inhibitors in breast cancer: what the existing trials revealed? Dr. Kumardeep Dutta
3 9:30-9:45 Global real world evidence with Palbociclib: Is it really practice changing? Dr. Meenu Walia
4 9:45-10:00 Real world evidence with Palbociclib: Experience in Indian patients Dr. Chaturbhuj Agrawal
5 10:00-10:20 CDK 4/6 inhibitors in breast cancer: what the future looks like Dr. Chandragouda D.
6 10:20-10:40 Optimal sequencing of available treatment options in the HR+/Her2Neu negative mBC Dr. P. Suresh
7 10:40-11:00 Panel discussion:The CDK4/6 inhibitors conundrum: How do I choose and which should I use?

Moderator: Dr. Ullas Batra

Dr. Meenu Walia
Dr. Chandragouda D.
Dr. Kumardeep Dutta
Dr. P. Suresh
Dr. Rajat Bajaj
Dr. Samit Purohit
8 11:00-11:20 Tea break
9 11:20-12:30 Experience across different mBC patient population: Case Discussion

Presentation 1: Case: HR+/HER2- MBC (Postmenopausal female) Dr. Varun Goel
Presentation 2: Case: HR+/HER2- MBC (Premenopausal female) Dr. Manish Sharma
Presentation 3: Case: TNBC – MBC Dr. Parveen Jain
Presentation 4: Case: HER2Neu+ HR- MBC Dr Rajat Bajaj
Perspectives in metastatic TNBC and HER2+ mBC
10 12:30-12:50 The role of Molecular Testing in breast cancer: How far we come? Dr. Moushami Suryavanshi
11 12:50-13:10 Optimizing outcomes in HER2+ mBC: Emerging evidence and practice strategies Dr. Sameer Khatri
12 13:10-13:25 What progress have we made in metastatic TNBC? Dr. Sumit Goyal
13 13:25-13:45 Panel discussion : The changing face of TNBC and HER2+ metastatic breast cancer
Moderator: Dr. Randeep Singh
Dr. Sumit Goyal
Dr. Pankaj Goyal
Dr. Varun Goel
Dr. Mansi Sharma
Dr. A. P. Dubey
Dr. Abhishek Yadav
14 13:45-14:00 Summary and Close Dr. D. C. Doval
15 14:00-Onwards Lunch and Departure



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