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Cancer Treatment for International Patients

Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre, Delhi is the destination for a very large number of cancer patients, not only from India, but also from Abroad. Patients from several countries have been visiting the Institute for Advanced Cancer Care. While planning for your travel for treatment, It is recommended to take care of following points.

  • Any patient from overseas is welcome to consult our Consultants at our centre; it will be preferable to contact us on email
  • You are advised, not to respond to touts or agents or middlemen, in matters of healthcare. You’re own or your loved ones’ interest will be served best, if you call us directly.
  • Patients who have undergone a test called “biopsy” in their home country; they are advised to please get the “PARAFFIN BLOCKS AND SLIDES” of the biopsy, along with you, to India. These will be available with your doctors there, and will help us a great deal, because then you do not have to undergo the pain of same biopsy again, at this centre. Secondly, please ensure that the case summary made by doctors in your home country is available with you, when you arrive. This will also help in the process of your diagnosis and treatment.
  • For assistance in the issuance of Indian visa to a patient and family members, you are advised to email the
    • Correct name of the patient as on the Passport
    • Correct name of Attendants
    • Passport number of each person traveling
  • The recommended duration of visa to stay in India will be determined by medical requirements, and conveyed to you by the International Patient Co-ordinator:
    Tel : 91 + 11 + 47022222
  • On arrival in New Delhi by air, the distance to Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre from the Indira Gandhi International Airport, [T3 Terminal] is about 30 kilometers. There are pre-paid taxis available at the airport.
  • There is a RED BUS from IGI airport to Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre every hour. On arrival at the hospital you will be registered by our Admission officer on the ground floor (New Building) and referred to the Consultant’s clinic
  • The weather in New Delhi can be quite extreme and variable. The following is the monthly range of temperatures here:
    Temp Jan Feb Mar April May June July August Sep Oct Nov Dec
    Min °C 02 05 13 22 28 34 28 27 22 18 15 09
    Max °C 24 28 35 40 42 44 39 37 35 33 29 26
  • You will require clothes appropriate to the weather for patients, children and others.
  • Air cooled hostel accommodation is available for patients & families in the guest house called AASHRAY, just 500 yards away from the hospital, at reasonable rates.
  • Crowd, noise and traffic are features of modern day Delhi and people from small countries may find these strange or alarming at first instance. But Delhi is colorful and vibrant, and our culture is amazingly interactive. You will always meet people who will help you. You will make some new friends here for sure.
  • Documents Required for Registration in Hospital are:
    • Valid Passport
    • Valid Visa
    • Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate (In case of African Countries)

Safety / Security Tips for Foreign Patients

  • Patient and attendant must make sure that they have been registered with Foreigner Regional Registration Office (FRRO), RK Puram, Delhi. More information you can get from
  • They should note down the address and telephone number of their close relatives, respective Embassy and FRRO in some diary and in mobile as well.
  • Disclose your local address and telephone numbers at front office.
  • Introduce your interpreter, if any with his identity proof to front office.
  • Passport and travel documents should be kept in safe custody and money should not be kept along with these documents. A copy of all your documents should be kept at a safe place.
  • In the hospital keep your mobile phone and valuable under your custody all the time.   Do not keep them unattended anywhere in the Hospital.
  • You should carry minimum amount as per the requirement.
  • Under any circumstances money should not be paid to any person except at cash counter and obtain proper printed receipt.
  • Police control room telephone number is – 100.
  • As much as possible they should not move alone.
  • Advice to deposit the estimated cost of treatment at cash counter and estimated cost of medicine at pharmacy counter. The un-utilize cash shall be refunded to you at the time of discharge / departure. This amount shall remain safe all the time till it is exhausted or refunded.
  • For exchange of foreign currency or you face any type of problem in the Hospital please contact HELPDESK at the ground floor Reception.
  • Patient / attendants staying in nearby guest houses or rented accommodation are advised to keep money and valuables under lock and key.
  • Do not consume any eatable from un-authorize vendors.
  • If you require Ambulance services contact hospital reception or security guard or dial telephone number -011-47022222.
  • For hiring taxi or auto take help of security personnel at the main gate. At the time travel you must note down the taxi number and driver’s telephone number.
  • Do not take any help from un-authorized persons not having hospital Identity Card.
Our Locations
  • Sir Chotu Ram Marg, Sector – 5, Rohini Institutional Area, Rohini, New Delhi, Delhi – 110085, India

    +91-11-47022222 | Fax +91 11 27051037

  • Squadron Leader Mahender Kumar Jain Marg, Block K, Niti Bagh, New Delhi, Delhi 110049

    +91-11-45822222 / +91-11-45822200

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