Lung Cancer in Focus as RGCON and SOIICON Begin on 8th Feb

Published : 15 February, 2019

The 18th edition of RGCON, one of the largest annual international meets on Cancer in the country will be held from 8-10thFebruary 2019. RGCON is flagship conference of Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre (RGCI and RC), New Delhi.

The theme of RGCON this year is “Thoracic Oncology: Translating Research into Practice” with special emphasis on Lung Cancer. As one of the most high profile oncology events, RGCON 2019 will have international experts participating from countries such as USA, UK, Australia, Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland.

The organizing committee of RGCON 2019 includes Dr. Ullas Batra, Sr. Consultant, Chief of Thoracic Medical Oncology (RGCIandRC), Dr. Munish Gairola, Director, Radiation Oncology (RGCIandRC), Dr. L.M. Darlong, Head, Thoracic Oncosurgery (RGCIandRC) and Dr. Sunil Pasricha, Consultant, Histopathology (RGCIandRC).

“Lung cancer is considered curable in only 15 percent of cases, as most cases are detected in later stages. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. With new research and new therapeutic strategies like targeted therapy and immunotherapy there has been an improvement in lung cancer survival. The RGCON 2019 theme “Translating research into practice” reflects this changing paradigm, and aims to bring together leading experts in the field of thoracic oncology to collaborate and conquer thoracic cancers,” said Dr. Ullas Batra

As an important highlight of RGCON this year, 2019 will be held concurrently with RGCONis the first annual conference of Society of Oncologic Imaging India (SOII), the august body of radiologists engaged in cancer management. SOIICON is being held to underscore the pivotal role that imaging has come to occupy in cancer diagnosis and management.

European Society of Oncologic Imaging (ESOI) is actively partnering in making SOIICON a success. National Cancer Institute, Malaysiaand Global Focus on Cancer, New York have endorsed SOIICON. It is expected that over 500 delegates from India and abroad will attend this meeting. The theme of the Conference is “Thoracic Oncology Imaging.”

“In any cancer treatment, it is the approach taken that can make a huge difference to successful cure and management. Specialized hospitals such as RGCIRC have set up Tumour Boards where specialists from Surgery, RadiationOncology, Medical Oncology, Radiology, Pathology and sit together and chart out the course most appropriate for a patient’s management. A radiologist plays a central role in oncology decision making. It is imperative therefore that radiologists are fully aware of the huge responsibility that rests with them,” said Organizing Chairman of SOIICON 2019 and PresidentSociety of Oncologic Imaging, IndiaDr. 

“The advances in imaging have led to the availability of enormous information about cancer behavior. Right from the diagnosis to staging and response evaluation, imaging studies have assumed a central role in management of cancer,” said Dr. Sudhir Kumar Rawal, Medical Director and Chief of Genito Uro – Oncology Services, RGCI and RC. This story is provided by NewsVoir.

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