The International Association of Cancer Registries (IARC) reported that there are over 28,000 cases of brain tumors reported in India each year and more than 24,000 people reportedly die due to brain tumors annually. A brain tumor is a serious condition and can be fatal if not detected early and treated early.

What is Brain Tumor?

Uncontrolled and abnormal cell growth in the brain is called brain tumor.The space in our skull is restricted. Therefore, this extra growth inside our brain causes more pressure inside the skull, causing life-threatening complications, and also damaging our brain. Tumors can be benign or malignant. They could be primary brain tumors or metastasis from somewhere else in the body.

Brain Tumors Include:

Primary tumors of brain are categorized into glial and non-glial tumors. Glial Tumors or gliomas are ones that arise in the glial cells. These cells support the nervous system by surrounding and holding neurons in place, supplying nutrients and oxygen to the nerve cells, removing dead neurons, and insulating neurons from each other. Tumors could be:

Non-glial tumors are ones that develop in structures of the brain like blood vessels, nerves, meninges or glands. Examples include meningiomas, pituitary tumors, schwannomas ,pineal gland tumors, craniopharyngiomas etc.

Secondary or metastatic brain tumors are the most common type and they usually spread via the bloodstream. Cancers of the breast, lung and kidney are the ones that most commonly spread to the brain.

Signs and Symptoms of Brain Tumor:

Diagnosis and Investigation

Treatment of Brain Tumor

There are various options available for treating brain tumors.


This is the most common treatment for malignant brain tumors. The surgeon removes as much of the cancerous cells as possible without damaging healthy brain tissue. Awake craniotomy for surgery of Brain tumors of eloquent regions : Patients with brain tumors who has speech problems and/or weakness of one half of body are operated while awake with their participation to monitor speech as well as limb weakness during removal of tumor from brain to preserve speech and limb function. They can sing or play guitar during surgery. Pediatric Brain Tumors : We are also operating brain tumors in children. These are either supratentorial or in post fossa region. Medulloblastoma is a common tumor in children. Early diagnosis and total removal of tumor followed by Radiotherapy can cure it.

Radiation therapy

In this type of brain tumor treatment, radiation like X-rays or protons beams are used to kill tumors cells. Side-effects of this therapy include fatigue, memory loss, headaches and scalp irritation.

Chemotherapy/Targeted Therapy


Unlike surgery in the traditional sense of the word, this treatment is where many beams of radiation are focused onto the brain tumor to kill the tumor cells.

State of the Art surgical equipments

  1. Neuronavigation
  2. Intra op Cranial USG
  3. Intra op neuro physiological monitoring

How is RGCI Different

RGCI has state of the art equipments with experienced faculty. Focus is on multimodality treatment to give the best possible to the patient. Most cases are discussed in Multidisciplinary clinics.

Risk Factors of Brain Tumor


Family History

Past Cancers like leukemia in childhood


Risk of brain tumors increases with age


Could be from previous X-Rays,CT Scans. It can also be from power lines, Mobiles towers and cell phones.

Exposure to Chemicals

Diesel exhaust, coal tar, tobacco smoke, arsenic compounds, cadmium and nickel compounds

Prevention & Cure of Brain Tumors

DO’s after Surgery

DON'Ts after Surgery

Clinical Service

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