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Admission Procedure

Admissions may be in two ways

If your doctor decides you require an Inpatient treatment, you will then be issued Admission slip-I with the details of the kind of treatment required and expected duration of stay of the patient. The doctor will also inform you about the estimated expenditure on the given admission. You are then required to proceed to the Admission counter situated on the ‘Ground Floor C Block’. Admission desk executive will allot the room/bed according to your requirement, if available. In case of non-availability, the staff will put your name in the waiting list and will inform you on availability. After checking the availability, the room will be allotted on payment of a minimum of 80% of the initial estimate given by your doctor. Please request of estimate of charges.

For repeat admission, you can request for booking in advance telephonically on +91-11- 47022074.

Bed Allotment Preference

In case of heavy waiting for admission in a particular bed category, bed allotment is done as per the following preference:

Paying Category

There are 3 payment categories in the hospital viz. Cash, Credit and Advance Category.

Cash  Category

Patients who pay for their treatment and investigation out of their pocket are considered as Cash Paying category. These patients are charged as per the schedule of charge for the cash category.

The patients are requested to produce an authorization letter from the company, which must be handed over to the billing at the time of admission. If you face any difficulty you can contact Manager Billing (Ext. 2615) in the hospital.

Cashless services for all planned medical treatment are subject to pre-admission authorization.

In all the credit cases it is the responsibility of the beneficiary to inform & procure credit authorization from concern PSU/TPA

Advance Category

Patients of this category are required to deposit an advance cheque with the billing department. Services can be availed till the balance in the account.

Estimates/ Re-Estimates on Cost of Treatment​

Your doctor will explain about an initial estimate that you might incur on your treatment. You will also get a detailed estimate thereafter at Financial Counseling Desk before admission. However, your clinical condition shall determine the actual treatment requirements. Such necessities, whenever, if they arise, increase expenses. To keep you updated on your expenses you have incurred till any point of time you can request a provisional bill from billing department or you may view the provisional bill on RGCI care APP on your mobile. You will also be intimated or can directly check during office hours about the Revised Estimate in case there is a change in the plan of treatment due to your clinical condition.

Discharge Planning

We advise you to ask your doctor about your tentative days of hospital stay, at the time of admission only, so that you can plan things accordingly. Please clarify your doubts time to time with your treating consultant on their visits so that there is no wastage of time on the day of discharge in chasing doctors for doubt clarification.

Your doctor will decide when you should get discharged. Prior to discharge, your physician / the treating team will advise you regarding the activity, diet, medications, precautions, if any, and subsequent follow-up visits to the Hospital. A discharge summary/advice will be handed over/ explained to you at the time of discharge.

The discharge process takes a minimum of 3 hours from the time of discharge advice given by the treating consultant. In case you are yet to undergo a procedure, visit by a referral doctor or any medication, in such case discharge process will begin only after the required procedure is done irrespective of the time of doctor’s discharge advice.

Discharge process consists of finalizing of the discharge summary, pharmacy return and indent/ purchase of discharge medicine and final billing. You will be intimated by the Ward Incharge about the time of finalizing billing, before that you need not visit the billing department. Once the billing is done you will be given a bill receipt by the billing department which you are supposed to show to sister-in-charge at the respective nursing counter who will then give you your discharge summary which will be explained to you by your assigned sister.

It is important that you arrange to leave by discharge time so that we can prepare the bed and the room for new admission. So while our hospital is arranging discharge for you, meanwhile you may take care of the following things:

As you are aware we have long waiting for admission we expect you to leave the bed within 10 to 15 minutes once your discharge process is complete so that it can be made available to next patient waiting for admission.

After the Hospital discharge, you may contact your Physician by telephone for clarifications, if any. Please do not forget to bring your treatment records (including all investigations reports) during follow-up visits to the hospital.

Our discharge time is 12 noon. For patient convenience, we give 2 hours of grace time. If the patient, who is getting discharged, leaves the hospital by 2 pm, he/she will not be charged for that day. Beyond 4.00pm patient will be charged half day extra.

Understanding Your Hospital Bill

Your bill will be a comprehensive one, with all details of bed charges, investigations, doctor’s visit fees, surgeon’s fee and other charges. In case of any clarifications, please approach the Billing department (Ext. No2615) Manager Finance (Ext. No.2610) 

All outstanding bills must be cleared promptly. You will receive information on the charges accrued to your account from the Billing department/concerned ward at regular intervals, to help you to clear your dues in time and facilitate your discharge. Your admission/security deposit will be adjusted against your final bill at the time of discharge.

Documents Provided to You at the Time of Discharge

At the time of discharge, you will be provided with a discharge summary signed by the doctor which contains the summary of investigations, procedures & medication given to the patient. Please make sure that you carefully understand the instructions for post-discharge care of the patient & follow-ups. Also, dietary modifications that need to be made will be explained to you. In case of any query, you can get back to the treating team as well as a dietician. At the time of discharge, you will be handed over all investigation reports. In case any of the investigation reports are pending you may collect that on your next visit from the Dispatch Counter located on the Ground Floor near Admission Desk. Or you may also view your reports on RGCI care APP on your mobile.

In case you are a credit/empanelled patient, you will be provided with Discharge medicines as prescribed by the doctor in the summary as per company limit.

A comprehensive hospital bill will also be provided to you which enlists the breakup of various costs incurred on treatment during the hospital stay.

You can be still in touch with the hospital and doctors post your discharge using our RGCI Care App.

The app can be downloaded both from Google and Apple play store. Once login is done using your registered phone number, you can use the app for booking your next follow up OPD visits and to access your current and past Lab/radiological investigation reports.  Even your IPD bills and details of all your previous visits (both OPD and IPD) can be viewed on the app for all your admissions. Discharge summaries for all IPD visits are also available on the app for any reference or records.

In case you cannot visit personally for any follow up visit, option of availing Tele-medicine services can also be availed using the app.

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