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Rules and Responsibilities

Information for patients & attendants

  • Rules and regulations pertaining to patient conduct are necessary to ensure that all patients are treated fairly and feel secure while in the hospital. Your cooperation in these responsibilities will help us provide quality care and services.
  • Please respect the privacy of your roommate and the rights of others by assisting in noise control and the number of visitors you receive.
  • In case of urgent complications, contact Casualty, Old building, ground floor, open 24 hours a day.
  • Please make an appointment for every visit to your Consultant or diagnostic tests. This helps in accommodating a greater number of patients and eliminates long waiting hours.
  • Ascertain availability of rooms, prior to admission to avoid waiting. Acute & Emergency cases will always be given priority at the time of admission.
  • Outside food, flowers etc are not allowed inside the hospital premises.
  • Keep the hospital premises clean. Use garbage bins for the disposal of waste.
  • It is advised not to keep any valuables I cash in the hospital. The management will not be responsible for any loss of belongings either in cash or valuables.
  • Patients undergoing the planned surgery are to pay the full amount before going to Operation Theatre.
  • Whenever the patient is shifted to any of Operation Theatre/Postoperative ward/ICU/ HDU attendants are required to vacate the room. The attendants are required to proceed to the designated waiting halls.
  • Please do not tip any hospital employee for services provided by the hospital.
  • Please help us to conserve water, electricity and other resources.
  • Hospitals regular visiting hours are 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm However, no visitors are permitted in the ICU and post-operative ward.
  • People with colds, sore throats or any contagious diseases should not visit patients to avoid the spread of further infection.
  • Only one Visitors pass is issued per patient at the time of admission.
  • Children below 12years of age are not permitted in the inpatient areas.
  • Please keep minimum luggage with you in the ward/room. A separate cloak room is available in the side of institute’s premises.


    • Exhibit courtesy and respect to all in the hospital.
    • Abide by all the hospital rules and regulations including restrictions on number and category of visitors, visiting hours and leaving hospital premises during admission.
    • Smoking, consumption of tobacco or alcohol, getting flowers for the patients, making noise and carrying outside food are strictly prohibited
    • Family members of the patients are advised to take food in the visitor’s cafeteria only
    • People with cold, sore throat or any contagious disease should try not to visit patients to prevent infection.
    • To co-operate with the management to save water and electricity & other resources in the hospital.
    • Take care of valuables/belongings in the hospital.
    • Co-operate with the staff of the hospital and participate in the plan care and treatment.
    • In case of refusal of treatment patients/family they will be responsible for the outcomes.
    • Whenever the patient is shifted to either post-operative ward/ICU/ICW attendants are required to vacate the room and proceed to the designated waiting halls.
    • To maintain privacy I confidentiality of the patient’s information.
    • To give consent and receive a complete explanation before participation in any research protocol. Refusal to undergo research protocol will not compromise a patient’s access to services.
    • Not to take photography, video shoots through mobile phones or any other means, photocopies of any copy without prior written request approval.
    • To frequently wash hands before & after touching the patients this would help the hospital to prevent infections.
    • Not to go/request to go outside the hospital while being admitted in the hospital except for special situations with prior approval.

    • Emergency Services: 24hours
    • IPD service: 24 hours
    • Paid OPD timings: 09:00 am to 05:00 pm (Except Sundays/ Gazetted Holidays)
    • General OPD: 02:00 pm to 05:00 pm (Tue& Fri}
    • Sample Collection: 09:00 am to 05:00 pm at Ground Floor, First Floor and Second Floor, New Building.
    • After 05:00 pm samples are received directly in Pathology Department situated in ‘A’ block Basement, Old Building.
    • Normal Working Hours: 09.00 am to 05:30 pm.

    • CT, Ultrasound, PET-CT, CT or Ultrasound Guided Biopsy; these investigations are done by appointment only. You may check for availability of same day appointment with Front Office.

    • For CT scan a Kidney Function Test is a must
    • For FNAC and Biopsy Coagulation Profile is desirable as directed by treating doctor.
    • For CT and Ultrasound patients are required to be fasting for 6 hours
    • For MRI and PET scan patients are required to be fasting for 6 hours
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