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Patient OPD Journey

OPD at RGCIRC are planned on Disease Management Group basis, means these are planned keeping in view site specific treatment modalities. Medical Oncology, Surgical Oncology and Radiation Oncology of related disease/ site are located in same floor & block of the hospital building.

Centrally located May I Help You Desk near main Reception is there to guide patients to their respective OPDs/ IPD / Support service areas.

Registration Counter within main Reception area carries out Registration of all new patients who visit the hospital for the first time. Central Registration Number (CR.NO) is generated and a Medical Records File of the patient is made which is used in all future OPD and IPD visits to document the patient’s treatment journey.

For registration, patient needs to provide copy of Photo ID proof and address proof along with Pan Card / Aadhar Card. International patients, need to provide a photocopy of their passport (First page, Last page and Visa page).

Initial Assessment Units are located in all OPD areas. Here a detailed patient history, past medical history, and history of present illness are taken to ensure nothing is missed while making a diagnosis.

Sample Collection Rooms for lab investigation are located in all OPD areas. These have attached Pneumatic Tube Chutes for quick sample delivery in lab.

Dressing rooms/ PICC Line dressing rooms, Ostomy care room and Procedure rooms are present in all concerned OPD areas.

Triage service is available in OPDs for checking of patient vitals and to identify cases which require urgent attention.

Cafeterias are present on all the floors for patients/ attendants convenience.

Mothers’ Feeding Pod has been specially designed for mothers of pediatric patients where they can feed their baby in privacy and is placed in the Ground floor OPD.

All OPDs are well planned with adequate space and waiting area. Waiting areas are furnished with televisions and token display screens. Drinking water facility, male /female wash rooms and wash rooms for differently able patients/ attendants are present in all OPD floors.

OPD Timings:

  • Regular OPD:09:00 am to 05:00 pm (Monday – Saturday)

Appointments Counter is located at main reception, where you can book next OPD visit appointment. However you can also take appointment telephonically or online through website.


Patients to kindly note:

  • For registration, patient needs to provide copy of Photo ID proof and address proof along with Pan Card / Aadhar Card. International patients, need to provide a photocopy of their passport (First page, Last page and Visa page).
  • Registration fee is onetime payment, valid lifelong on a given Unique Central Registration Number. Consultation fee is valid for 7 days which includes your first day of last visit.
  • Kindly bring all your investigation reports/ films and previous treatment records with you.
  • At the time of registration you will be given a Smart Card with Central Registration No.
  • Kindly book your appointment prior to the day of OPD consultation. Booked appointment makes us aware about your plan of hospital visit and we are able to take out your Medical Records in advance so that you don’t have to wait for the same on the day of OPD consultation.
  • Appointment can be booked online, telephonically, or on your last visit at appointment desk/ OPD counter.
  • In case of Daycare / IPD admission your date of next visit will be mentioned in discharge summary. Summary executive will book that appointment in the appointment system. Kindly check and ensure it before leaving.
  • In case of emergency, there is no need to take appointment. You can directly come to our emergency where our doctors will attend you on emergency basis.
  • OPD consultation fee is valid for 7 days( including last visit).
  • In case of referral to another OPD within stream there will be no additional OPD consultation fee, however in case of referral to OPD of another stream/Department additional OPD consultation will be charged.
  • You can pay through cash, smart card or through Paytm.
  • After fee deposit you will be given a receipt and a token number.
  • Kindly wait for display of your token number and then go in the respective OPD
  • In OPD all your previous reports will be reviewed, examination will be carried out and treatment/or investigation advise will be given on a prescription.
  • In case you are advised investigations, you will be given filled Investigation Forms by the treating team.
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