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For Donors


Your participation is voluntary. You can withdraw consent at any time.

Normally after using up the samples for diagnosis the leftover samples are either burnt or buried. If you agree to participate, these biosamples will be gainfully used for a wider objective of providing insights in the management of cancer.

Your personal information will be anonymised and coded with a unique identification number(UIN). All the credentials will be maintained in a trustee computer with limited access.

Your contribution and support to science  is highly appreciated


Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Center (RGCI&RC) has established a world class biorepository to meet the needs of scientific community focused on cancer and allied research. We offer bio-specimens to investigators in RGCI&RC and other institutes to accelerate research into cancer. The biorepository collects a wide variety of tumor tissue as well as adjacent normal tissue from surgical resections done at RGCI & RC. Tissue associated buffy coat, serum and plasma are also collected. Investigators can request tissue(s), associated buffy coat, serum and plasma from the biorepository with an approved institutional letter.

We are committed to use donated sample in research in such a manner that respect the rights of participants and meet the ethical and legal obligations. Patients are presented with a consent form which requests them to donate tissue and blood. The personal details of the patient are anonymised.


Who can donate?

Anyone, who is undergoing surgery for removal of a tumor, can donate a small part of it for future research. After setting aside tissue necessary for all treatment decisions, a small volume of tissue along with normal tissue and 15 ml. of blood is frozen and retained  indefinitely in the repository.

Can I discuss this with my Doctor and family?

Please feel free to talk this over with your doctor, family and friends.

I think I would like to donate my tissue and blood. How do I do it?

If interested, please contact the personnel at the Biorepository who will assist you in the consent process.

What if I change my mind?

You have the right to change your mind at any time. If you wish to no longer participate in the program, your stored tissue will be destroyed and you will  be officially confirmed of the action.

What if I say no? Will it affect my care?

You have the right to decline. Please know that this will not affect your care or relationship with your doctor.

Is it safe?

Yes, there are no extra procedures or tests. The tissue leftover from your procedure is  all that is needed.

What are my rights on the donated tissue?

You rescind all rights on the donated material, however, the donated tissue and any other material stored will be destroyed if you ever decide to withdraw your consent for usage of your donated material for research.

In case of any query(s) related to sample preservation / destruction, please contact : 

Dr Juhi Tayal,
Consultant Research & Co-ordinator Biorepository
Ph.: +91-1 1-4702 2430;


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