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Mrs. Santha Ramachandran

Appreciating the entire medical team for the excellent care given to Mrs. Santha Ramchandran in her last days and the emotional support given by each of them to her children and family members.

Treatment Location:
Niti Bagh

Late Mrs. Santha Ramachandran

This review is for the Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre, Neeti Bagh, New Delhi where my mother Mrs. Santha Ramachandran, sought palliative treatment from February – April 2023 for Cholangiocarcinoma – diagnosed in April 2020.

Since my mother was clear on not wanting to undergo Surgery / Chemotherapy / radiation etc., seeking palliative care was the best possible option left. After careful consideration of the pros and cons of hospital based palliative treatment vs. home based palliative options and based on advice from our family doctor Dr. (Mrs.) Asha Joshi (Hauz Khas) and Dr. Saurabh Joshi from Hospice Education India LLP, we decided to access treatment at RGCICR-Neeti Bagh.

At least three rounds of extensive discussions with Dr. Sunny Malik, Dr. Naina Kumar and Dr. Vibhu Ranjan (individually and with the patient) on the line of treatment, gave us a fair idea of the sensitivity with which the treatment would be provided. Our decision to seek treatment with the Neeti Bagh Centre was also on account of the small but beautiful set up of the hospital which we found was far easier to navigate and less intimidating in comparison to what one might encounter in big and well-established hospitals.

As a family dealing with the implications of Cholangiocarcinoma since 2020, we had a fair understanding of what palliative treatment entails. Yet the treatment process and interactions with doctors and the administrative staff at the RGCICR – Neeti Bagh was a journey in itself which provided far greater clarity on the criticality of a ‘palliative’ treatment, and its ability to ensure a dignified exit for a patient diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma and not wanting to undergo the normal route of Chemo/radiation etc.

Consideration of aspects like minimizing patient’s visit to the hospital, providing holistic treatment by taking in to account issues and concerns that a patient was likely to suffer in days / months to come, facilitating an even greater bond between the patient and hospital etc. gave us the confidence of not being alone in Maa’s final days. The biggest lesson learnt was about the need for commencing treatment at the right time to ensure a far better quality of life for patients grappling with the reality of being terminally ill. More importantly, I do wish to highlight that as the journey progressed, the team of doctors and the nursing staff dealt with aspects pertaining to not just the patient’s treatment but also the emotional and psychological trauma that me and my family (primary and secondary decision makers / caregivers) were going through. For this, the institution pro-actively counselled us on the condition of the patient while simultaneously preparing us for every step of the final journey.

The team of doctors and nursing staff remained open to our requests and suggestions always providing the space for agreements / disagreements while ensuring the best interests of the patient within the larger framework of RGCICR’s institutional mandate.

I remain indebted to the doctors and support staff in RGCICR Neeti Bagh. The importance of having this sub-centre in South Delhi cannot be emphasized more as travelling to the main centre in Rohini may not be medically / financially feasible for most patients residing in this part of the State.

Lastly, as we celebrate World Palliative Care Day on 14th October, I sincerely hope that RGCICR as an institution implements more concrete strategies to raise awareness on ‘Palliative Treatment options’ from institutional to the policy level. Any efforts in this direction will further strengthen the chances of many Cancer patients having a dignified life.

Treatment Location:
Niti Bagh
Alaknanda, New Delhi

Damaris wanjiru waweru

We had a great team of Dr Sheetal Dr Puneet and others. We are grateful for their support and good services. We promise to refer other patients to this institution. May God bless them and we look forward to seeing you next year for review 🙏.

Treatment Location:


Iam yuvi. I was diagnosed with throat cancer ( Hodgkin’s lymphoma) at pediatric ward . I was very nervous and depressed before visiting pediatric ward but doctor’s open communication made the things easy for me . After biopsy and Pet ct scan my treatment started soon . It was very difficult to cope up with the side effects and pain of chemotherapy but still I never gave up . And always keep my self ready for anything. The whole staff of pediatric ward – doctors, fellow doctors, nurses , physcologist ( ms. Aayushi ) are very supportive and cooperative with their every patient. Whenever I used to take counselling with ms. Aayushi I felt so much better and she always makes me feel good and happy. I gave my 10 th board exams also during my treatment. Everything was running so smoothly. And I really praise and appreciate Dr. Gauri being a great doctor she is good person also. I faced lots of ups and downs during my complete cancer treatment but I always has a mindset to get well soon . That’s why after every dark night a morning comes . Now iam Fully recovered and fine . This is because of my positiveness but their is a very big hand of whole team of peads ward . Iam grateful to have them .

Treatment Location:
New Delhi

Saurabh Leo

कभी -कभी हमारे साथ जिंदगी मे ऐसे हादसे और खराब वक्त आ जाता है जिसमे कि जिंदगी एकदम ठप्प सी हो जाती है, एकदम से अंधेरा सा छा जाता है, हम टूट जाते है अंदर से, मानो कि किसी गहरे समुद्र मे डूब गए हो न तो वहा से कोई पतवार दिखाई देती है और नाही कोई रोशनी लेकिन ऐसे हालातो मे सिर्फ छोड़ देना या हार मान लेना ही सिर्फ सही नहीं होता..

Treatment Location:


On behalf of the Prakash Family, I am writing to provide a heartfelt testimonial for the palliative care team at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre in Niti Bagh. The compassion, expertise, and support they demonstrated while caring for my father, Om Prakash, a cancer patient, were truly exceptional.

From the moment my father entered their care, the team at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute ensured that he was not only receiving the best possible medical treatment, but also that his emotional and psychological well-being were taken into consideration. They understood the challenging journey my father was embarking upon and made every effort to make him feel comfortable and at ease.

One of the aspects that deeply impressed me was the team’s dedication to managing my father’s pain effectively. Cancer can bring about severe physical discomfort, but the palliative care team consistently worked towards alleviating his pain, ensuring that he had the highest possible quality of life during his treatment. Their expertise in pain management was truly remarkable, and my father experienced relief that allowed him to spend meaningful time with his loved ones.

However, the support provided by the palliative care team extended far beyond medical treatment. They took the time to explain the different stages of my father’s illness, offering clarity and guidance to our family about what to expect. Their open and honest communication allowed us to prepare emotionally, which was invaluable during such a challenging time. The team’s empathetic approach ensured that we felt heard, understood, and supported every step of the way.

Moreover, the palliative care team demonstrated an unwavering commitment not only to my father but also to our entire family. They recognized that cancer affects not just the patient, but also their loved ones. They provided us with emotional support, answered our questions, and offered guidance on how to best support my father through his journey. Their presence was a source of immense comfort during an emotionally trying period.

We cannot thank the palliative care team at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre enough for the exceptional care they provided to my father and our family. Their compassion, expertise, and dedication to improving the quality of life for cancer patients are truly commendable. We wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone in need of palliative care, as they have proven to be an invaluable source of support during a difficult time.

Thank you for your attention, and please feel free to share this testimonial as a testament to the outstanding work carried out by your institution’s palliative care team.

Warmest Regards,

On behalf of Prakash Family

Treatment Location:
RGCIRC, Niti Bagh

Saurabh Leo

कभी अकेले मे बैठो और पूछो अपने आप से कि क्या है खुशी, क्या होती है ये खुशी, क्या सिर्फ मुस्कराना ही है खुशी, नहीं सिर्फ मुस्कराना ही नहीं है खुशी, बल्कि खुशी एक अनमोल खजाना है जो कि ह्रदय की गहराइयों मे बसती है, आँखो मे चमक चरित्र मे प्यार है खुशी, जिंदगी के हर लम्हे से कुछ नया सीखना है खुशी……

Treatment Location:
RGCIRC, Rohini


This is in reference to the case of my mother Pritam Kaur who is suffering multiple organ diseases like Kidney and heart.

We admitted her to the institute for palliative care under Dr Sunny Malik. After a few days of treatment we observed that she is responding better as compared to the normal ICU treatment given at the other hospital.

We were given counselling by the doctor addressing all our queries and worries calmly and patiently and explaining about the importance of treatment for both patient and family members.

We are still in the middle of our treatment wherein both patient and all the family members are able to handle the situation calmly.

There is life beyond pain and palliative care helps you to live your life more happily.


Tina Singh

Treatment Location:
RGCIRC, Niti Bagh


I really felt very helpful with the palliative care , which I went into at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital from Dr Sunny Malik, on the suggestion of  Ms Sarika who works very closely with Dr Sunny. I want to share my three very discomfortable experience  of my life –

I underwent Briatric surgery on 22nd June 2018 at RMLH, New delhi but experienced terrible pain in upper abdomen for three months ,then i met Dr Sunny & he helped me with his technique of Palliative care & i am absolutely fine after that though same injection was given by doctor at RMLH but that was of no use to me.Post getting that treatment I am absolutely pain free & able to lead a normal life.

My aunt was diagnosed with cancer of urinary bladder & we were told that because of her age & condition she would not be able to bear the surgery or chemos & there after she was suggested to go in for Palliative care .It was a really very helpful for her .She was alive for two years post that regular palliative treatment & we never felt that she is a cancer patient.Under Dr Sunny’s supervision she led an absolutely apinfree & comfortable life.In her last time too Dr Sunny handled her so humenly which is beyond any words to express.

Even now i am again visiting Dr Sunny for my back pain  as i had nearly spend 20 yrs running from one orthopedic to another but never ever got proper relief & not even any explanation from any doctor.But its amazing to be with Dr Sunny as he not only explained me my problem in detail & also he is so perfect in  the procedure which i have started taking from him.

palliative care is a new line of treatment for  any layman however many other supportive treatments are also there but post my experience with it , i thoroughly understood its importance & benefits.

I heartly want it to be promoted as I have understood that it’s not only limited for the welfare of cancer patients but also for other physical ailments too.

Dr Sunny is a genuine & very capable doctor.


Regards !!

Enu Khanna

Old concept ; “Do or Die” , New concept ; “Do b4 u die” & Latest concept ; “Don’t die, until u do”.

Treatment Location:
RGCIRC, Niti Bagh

Sumati Dewan

Our 78 year old mother was diagnosed with colon cancer. Most of the doctors we consulted told us she would require a stoma bag for some time after surgery. We were worried that at this age when she can’t even walk properly how would she manage the stoma bag etc. We met Dr. Shivendra Singh and he said he will try performing the surgery through robotics as it would mean faster healing for her, less invasive and also he would try to avoid stoma. Dr. Shivendra Singh and his team delivered what they promised the surgery was performed on April 14, 2022 through robotics and no stoma bag was attached. We are really fortunate to have found such expert doctors. Thank you Dr. Shivendra Singh.

Treatment Location:
Rohini New Delhi

Neeraj kumar

मैं ल्यूकेमिया ब्लड कैंसर से पीड़ित था, DR, bhurani टीम के तमाम डॉ की जितनी प्रशंसा की जाय वो कम है.. खास कर डॉ रियाज़ अहमद, और नरेंद्र अग्रवाल सर बहुत ही सौम्य स्वभाव के लाजवाब डॉ🙏🏼🙏🏼,मुझे नई जिंदगी देने के लिए दिल की गहराइयों से आभार…🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼thanks whole टीम ऑफ राजीव गांधी हॉस्पिटल✍️✍️🙏🏼

Treatment Location:


Vinod kumar in TPA department is very helpful for processing of TPA Claims and nice behaviour.. Always ready for the patient help.. very sincere for his work.. and hard working..

Treatment Location:

Dilli Raj Bhandari

Good Service by Anubabh Singh

Treatment Location:

Neeta Srivastava

Dr. Mini was very helpful and supportive throughout my mother’s treatment.
Her medicines helped my mother alot in subsiding the symptoms. She was promptly available for helping us over call/video call throughout the day.
Although we could not save our mother due to the advanced stage of the disease, but we will always be thankful to Dr.Mini

Treatment Location:
Niti Bagh

Mohd Mobeen

CA left BM U/W Surgery 18/02/21 को डॉ मुदित अग्रवाल सर डॉ राजन सर , एवं उनकी टीम द्वारा किया गया . पुनः डॉ गैरोला और डॉ तलवार सर के नेतृत्व मे रेडिशन और chemo थेरेपी हुई और आप सभी के कुशल प्रयास से मार्गदर्शन से मुझे जीवन दान मिला और दिन प्रति दिन मेरा स्वास्थ्य अच्छा हो रहा है मैं आप सभी को सादर नमन और आभार व्यक्त करता हूं. कुछ समस्या जो परसिस्टिंग थी. जैसे गले और गर्दन मे तनाव, खिचाव, मुंह ज्यादा ना खुलना, बाया चेहरा और गर्दन मे खिचाव, बाये गाल के तरफ लार ना बननाऔर सूखा सूखा रहना, बाये हाथ मे सेन्सशन बहुत कम रहना, हाथ ऊपर उठना और बिना ब्रेक के निचे आना, बाये गाल कर मूवमेंट ना होना था l
इधर 2/22मे नॉन टेंडर रेडनेस लेफ्ट एंटीरियर टॉन्सिल्लर रीजन मे हो गया जिससे खाना खाने और लिक्विड लेने मे दर्द रहने लगा, चुभने लगा, एंटीबायोटिक दवा लेने के बाद भी ज्यादा आराम नहीं हुआ,और मैंने palliative care physision डॉ मिनी मेहता homeopath RGCIRC से कसल्ट किया. उन्होंने दवाई दिया जिसका सेवन मैंने allopath दवाई के साथ साथ किया, बर्तमान मे मुझे होम्योपैथिक दवाई से उक्त समस्याओ मे काफ़ी आराम मिला. मैं डॉ मिनी मेहता का आभार व्यक्त करता हूं, इनका लगाव, और दवाई,कैंसर रोगियों के स्वास्थ्य को और अच्छा करती है l

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