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Second Opinion

Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre (RGCIRC) provides unbiased, easily accessible medical Second Opinion for 1) Patients and 2) Physicians at primary care level.  If you or your near ones have been diagnosed with a chronic medical condition such as cancer, or if you are planning to undergo a major surgery and would like to get a Second Opinion from renowned national or international experts, you can get it now in the comforts of your home. There is no need to travel to bigger cities, search for an appropriate expert, seek an appointment, etc. Experts at the Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre (RGCIRC) can provide online Second Opinion on cancers within three working days.

Second Opinion with Secmeds

Second Opinion with Secmeds

RGCIRC has collaborated with Secmeds Medical Solutions for the Second Opinion services.

Just register and upload your reports at or call 9870263903, 9958836297 and get an Opinion within 3 working days…

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Second Opinion - Pathology

Second Opinion – Pathology

A precise diagnosis is the first stepping stone to a correct and effective treatment. In this era of molecular diagnostics and targeted therapy, it becomes critical to have the most accurate tissue diagnosis before the treatment is initiated. A second opinion at this stage may confirm the diagnosis or offer an alter….

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What is a Second Opinion?

Second Opinion is an opinion on a medical condition that is provided by a doctor or an institution different from the existing doctor. The patient or their relatives/ friends share the medical records with the second doctor, who reviews the records, and provides a Second Opinion on the best possible treatment option explaining the reason for it.

In complicated cases, Second Opinion provides an opportunity to discuss the condition with experts panel/ Tumour Board, and recommend the best, patient centric treatment option. The patient is free to make his/her own decision to accept the Opinion or not.

How does taking a Second Opinion help the patient/ families?

Taking a Second Opinion is common these days. When diagnosed with a disease like cancer, or any other chronic illness requiring high expenditure, or advised planned surgery, it is always a good idea to get another unbiased Opinion from Experts.

A credible Second Opinion can:

  • provide peace of mind to patients and relatives
  • help avoid the risk of mis-diagnosis
  • Reduce chances of errors in cases of doubt about diagnosis/ management
  • help patients in getting the right opinion, at the right time, by the right provider in the comfort of their home
  • help patients/ families save money on travel, boarding/ lodging and other costs including efforts in identifying a correct expert and seeking an appointment
  • empower patients for informed decision making by getting access to world class super specialists for advice on complex diseases

Who will need a Second Opinion and in what conditions should Second Opinion be sought?

Get a Second Opinion if:

  • you have been diagnosed with cancer, it is a good idea to seek a Second Opinion, even if your doctor is the best, highly competent, trusted or highly qualified
  • you have been diagnosed with a rare condition requiring complex treatment
  • your condition does not improve despite treatment
  • the diagnosis or treatment is in doubt
  • you have been advised major surgery requiring high expenditure
  • any kind of doubt about treatment / diagnosis exists in your mind
  • looking for latest treatment options

Why should a Second Opinion matter?

With the fast paced advances in medical techniques, technology, diagnostic tools and treatment regimes, patients are often confused in choosing the best and cost effective treatment option.

Physicians working in remote areas can also benefit by consulting world class experts on treatment options and latest updates for managing their patients.

The current globalised world, has increased the possibilities of patient’s access to the best of the treatment pathways. An unbiased ethical Second Opinion is crucial in improving disease outcomes and quality of life.

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