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Second Opinion in Pathology

Why take Second Opinion

Second opinion is a medical process wherein a patient seeks an alternate review of his or her diagnosis and course of treatment by another, or a few other specialist doctors to confirm the diagnosis and validate their treatment. Cancer is a very complex disease with rapid advancements taking place in the way we diagnose or treat it.  So, it becomes imperative that a second opinion is sought so as to have a better understanding of this complex disease which in turn can help us to take an informed decision about the treatment plan.

A precise diagnosis is the first stepping stone to a correct and effective treatment. In this era of molecular diagnostics and targeted therapy, it becomes critical to have the most accurate tissue diagnosis before the treatment is initiated. A second opinion at this stage may confirm the diagnosis or offer an alternative diagnosis with some additional information.

We have a site-specific (organ-specific) diagnostic team in the laboratory which closely coordinates with the clinical disease management group in order to provide optimum treatment to the patient. We provide most advanced, guideline-appropriate testing to each & every case submitted to us.

Pre-Requisites for Second Opinion in Pathology

In order to proceed with the 2nd opinion in diagnostics, the following should be provided by the patient/ relatives to the laboratory:

  • Histopathology/ Cytopathology biopsy material (Slides/blocks/specimen)

  • A copy of previous biopsy report
  • Brief history of previous ailments/ surgeries
  • Copies of all relevant diagnostic tests available with the patient
  • A copy of discharge summary/ operative notes
  • Current treatment details

Once we have the necessary material and payment, we proceed with processing of biopsy material.

Tests performed on Pathology Specimens

We perform routine microscopy, special stains, immunohictochemistry studies, biomarker, theranostic/nano medicine studies and molecular tests on the biopsy material & provide a comprehensive report. More information can be accessed at:

How to proceed for Second Opinion in Pathology

Option 1 : Register with our collaborator Secmeds Medical Solutions

Email id:
Phone no. 9870263903, 9958836297


Option 2: Directly deposit necessary material to the Deptt. Of Laboratory Services, Old buiding basement, Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre, Rohini, Delhi-110085

  • Contact Mr. Pranay Kapoor, Senior executive
    Deptt. Of Laboratory Services, Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre, Rohini, Delhi-110085
    Phone no.: -11-47022403/2406
  • Mail all the necessary documents as detailed above to
    Bone & Brain tumors entail radiology reports & images (CD/pendrive)
  • Make payment through our website
    Click on ‘pay your bill’ & select ‘slide review”
  • Charges are as follows:

– Review without IHC: Rs 3000/-
– Review with IHC: Rs 10,000/-
– Courier charges: Rs 500/-

  • Send the payment receipt to
  • Usual turnaround time for the report is 4-5 working days.
  • Finalized report will be sent to the registered mail-ID or can be collected from the report dispatch counter in the OPD.
  • The submitted slides & blocks are archived for duration of 10 years. A request for issue of the same can be submitted with Mr.Pranay or through the email-ID
  • The same can be collected in person on production of a government issued ID-card or received through courier after payment of courier charges.
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