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Neuro & Spine Oncology


All types of brain tumors, spinal tumors and peripheral nerve sheath tumors


Patient having Headache, Backache, weakness in any part of body (paralysis), seizures, memory problem, giddiness(vertigo), deterioration in vision, hearing, smell and taste or numbness in any part of body.


  • Consultants( Neurosurgeons)
  • Neurosurgery fellow
  • Neuro Anesthetist
  • Neuro Intensivist
  • Medical Officer
  • Head & Neck Surgeon
  • Neurologists
  • Endocrinologist
  • Ophthalmologist
  • Neuro psychologist
  • Neuro Physio and Rehab team
  • Speech Therapist
  • Neuro Physiologist
  • Neuro Nurses
  • Neuro Technologist


Awake craniotomy for surgery of Brain tumors of eloquent regions : Patients with brain tumors who has speech problems and/or weakness of one half of body are operated while awake with their participation to monitor speech as well as limb weakness during removal of tumor from brain to preserve speech and limb function. They can sing or play guitar during surgery.

Pediatric Brain Tumors : We are also operating brain tumors in children. These are either supratentorial or in post fossa region. Medulloblastoma is a common tumor in children. Early diagnosis and total removal of tumor can cure it by Radiotherapy followed by Chemotherapy. We have dedicated team of pediatric neuro oncologists.

State of Art surgical equipments:

  • Neuronavigation
  • Intra op Cranial USG
  • Intra op neuro physiological monitoring
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Our Locations
  • Sir Chotu Ram Marg, Sector – 5, Rohini Institutional Area, Rohini, New Delhi, Delhi – 110085, India

    +91-11-47022222 | Fax +91 11 27051037

  • Squadron Leader Mahender Kumar Jain Marg, Block K, Niti Bagh, New Delhi, Delhi 110049

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