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Reconstructive Services – Department of Plastic Surgery

Reconstructive surgery is a sub specialty of Plastic surgery and is often regarded as an art of replacing what is ‘lost’. It deals with restoring the form, contour and most importantly function of the part of body that is removed as a part of oncosurgical resection. Most Patients, visiting Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre, are affected by Head and Neck cancer and Breast cancer. Although there are most advanced modalities of cancer treatment available at our institute, Surgery remains the treatment of choice for these patients that can remove the cancer bearing tissue entirely.

Unlike most other cancers impact of the surgical management of the head and neck cancers is immediately noticeable in social settings because oncosurgical resection invariably results in large part of tissue defects that are not only impossible to close and if not restored to its near original form, the patient suffers from facial disfigurement, altered speech, salivation, inability to swallow and deviation of airway.

All these mutilating surgeries leave a psychological scar on these patients. There quality of life is impaired. They are depressed. Removal of breast for cancer is also now known to be associated with major depression amongst women.

But now it is proven that with the help of plastic and reconstructive surgery, especially micro-vascular reconstructive surgery quality of life of the patients can be improved. We can provide good functional and cosmetic result in most of the patient with the disease. They can lead normal life with little or no limitations.

With the team efforts of Plastic surgeons, Oncosurgeons, Anaesthetists & dedicated Nursing staff, RGCI&RC is emerging as biggest centre for Cancer Reconstruction especially micro-vascular reconstruction in northern part of India.

We have performed more than 1000 cases of cancer reconstruction with good functional and cosmetic results in last 24 months itself.

We are providing excellent services in Head and Neck oncological reconstruction. We are not only doing head and neck reconstruction but also helping patients of other surgical specialties as well as different age groups eg. Orthopaedics, urogynae, chest and thoracic surgery, paediatric, abdominal surgery and neuro- surgery.

We are preserving a lot of limbs in limb salvage surgeries for bone tumors. Reconstruction of soft tissue defect, after removal of large muscle or skin tumors by orthopaedicians.

Reconstruction of genitalia after excision of tumor, chest and abdominal wall reconstruction are other surgeries we are doing regularly in our institute.

We are also working to reduce the problem of lymphedema (swelling of arms and legs) both surgical and non surgical, after breast cancer and groin surgery.

We are also helping the patients who had undergone surgeries in past and unfortunately are now suffering from disfigurement and functional disabilities.


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