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Thoracic Oncology Services

​​Welcome to the specialty of Thoracic Surgery also called Chest Surgery. We focus on organs of the chest / lung, including the mediastinum, esophagus (tube between mouth and stomach), the trachea (airway) and the chest wall (rib cage and breastbone).

The department works in close coordination with Medical and Radiation oncologists to provide personalized care of thoracic diseases.

The department continuously thrives to provide safe and patient friendly surgery by adopting Minimally invasive surgery using VATS/Thoracoscopy and Robotic surgery.

The Thoracic tumor board meeting helps us provide multidisciplinary approach to thoracic cancer patients and improve their outcomes for survival.


  1. Lung
  2. Mediastinum [ thymus, germ cell tumor, Neuroendocrine tumor]
  3. Esophagus [food pipe]
  4. Ribs
  5. Sternum [breast bone]
  6. Diaphragm


Most of the chest disease are detected during imaging (CXR, CT scan) for chest symptoms or incidentally during routine checkup.

The confirmation of cancer and staging of cancer is critical to starting treatment. Following diagnostic procedure are available under one roof:

  • CT scan / MRI scan
  • Ultrasound guided biopsy / CT guided biopsy / PET guided biopsy
  • Fibreoptic Bronchoscopy biopsy
  • Endo-Bronchial Ultra Sound [EBUS] guided biopsy / Radial Probe guided EBUS biopsy [RP-EBUS]
  • Upper GI endoscopy and Endoscopic Ultra Sound [EUS] for esophageal / food pipe cancer
  • Whole body PET scan
  • DOTANOC scans for Carcinoid tumor
  • Video-Mediastinoscopy / Thoracoscopy lung biopsy
  • Molecular testing for tumors


Early detection of lung cancer using LDCT [Low dose CT chest] has shown to save lives following the NSLT (US trial) and the recent NELSON study (European trial) in up to 20 to 26% of screened population.

Eligibility for LDCT Chest screening at RGCIRC

  • Age 45 – 64 years with 20 pack years and smoking cessation < 15 years
  • Age 45-64 years with 15 pack years and additional risk factor
  • Long-term lung cancer survivors who have completed 4 years of surveillance without recurrence, and who are in good performance status with a life expectancy of 10 years in order to detect second primary lung cancer until the age of 70.
  • Willing to undergo counseling for cessation of smoking
  • [PACK YEAR –It is calculated by multiplying the no’s of packs of cigarettes smoked per day by the no’s of Years the person has smoked. Example, 1 pack year is equal to smoking 20 cigarettes [1 pack] per day for 1 year.

For appointment contact, Thoracic Oncology OPD [Room no 3155] 011-4702-2062/2053.


Thoracic cancer patients are evaluated by a specialist team of Thoracic surgeon, Medical Oncologists, Radiation Oncologists, pathologists and Imaging Specialists. Depending on the general condition of the patient and the staging and pathology of cancer a treatment plan is worked out as per accepted International Treatment Guidelines. (NCCN – National Comprehensive Cancer Network)


Optimal approach using minimally invasive technique.

  • Robotic surgery using Da vinci system
  • VATS / Video assisted Thaoracoscopy surgery



  • Thoracotomy / Thoracoscopy for lung / Robotic lung cancer surgery
  • Lobectomy / Bilobectomy / Pneumonectomy with Radical mediastinal nodal dissection
  • Sleeve resection of lung – Emphasis on lung preservation
  • Thoracoscopic pulmonary Metastatectomy
  • VATS / Robotic for mediastinal tumor
  • Sternotomy for Mediastinal disease / Germ cell tumor/ thymoma / neurogenic tumor
  • Chest wall tumor removal and reconstruction
  • Mesothelioma surgery
  • Thoracoscopic Decortication / Pleurodesis
  • Robotic lobectomy-lung surgery / Robotic Thymoma /
  • Robotic esophagus surgery
  • Tracheal tumor / Tracheal stenting


As more and more thoracic cancer patients survive, the department annually organizes Thoracic support group meet with participation from thoracic cancer care receivers and survivors to spread awareness about prevention, early detection and social support.


Dr. Darlong who pioneered the advanced Nuss procedure in India for pectus deformity runs this clinic. This is the only dedicated centre in India performing Nuss procedure and attracts people from India and abroad.


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