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Pain Management Clinic

The department of Pain and Palliative Care exists in the hospital ever since its inception. Pain relief to patients in the OPD and IPD is provided under the Department of Anesthesiology, Critical Care & Pain Management.

Pain specialist is available for OPD patients from 0800 to 1900 daily in the hospital. Other pain amelioration procedures for patients undergoing major surgery are administered and followed up by the anesthesiologists conducting the surgeries.


  1. Multi modal analgesia in order to make patients ‘pain-free’. Patients frequently have end organ dysfunction due to cancer and treatment and this approach gleans benefits from a wide array of analgesics and adjuvants while minimizing potential adverse effects and complications from tissue and organ damage.
  2. ‘Pain Free Hospital’– care givers and medical staff are very responsive to the patient and trained in recognizing pain as the fifth vital sign. They promptly institute corrective measures and call the pain management team for early consult and relief of pain.
  3. Team Based Approach – Pain Management team approaches patient’s problem with due consultation with the primary cancer specialists who have referred the case. This ensures best possible solution for the patient in terms of benefit, cost and minimization of adverse and untoward effects.
  4. Holistic Approach – concept of TOTAL Pain – The pain and distress of the family is acknowledged and various aspects of patients’ suffering- not only physical pain but also psychological distress, limitation of life style and understanding the disease and process of treatment is addressed in order to bring early pain relief and palliation not only to the patient but also to the family and designated care-givers.
  5. Interventional Pain Management – The team is capable of administering various pain relieving blocks which are preferred early in the course of cancer treatment
    • CT scan guided neurolytic Coeliac plexus block for upper abdominal malignancies.
    • CT guided blocks of the head for malignancies involving face and oral region.
    • Fluoroscopic Procedures on the head and neck, thorax, abdomen for pain – site specific.
    • Ultrasound Guided Pain relieving procedures which are allowing individual nerves, nerve plexuses and myofascial trigger points to be located and blocked.
    • Heat Lesion, Pulsed Radio Frequency Lesion, Chemical Neurolysis (alcohol/ phenol/glycerol) using imported equipment.


  • Exponential increase in dispensation of Tablet Morphine and other pain killer adjuvant as a result of better training, talks and demonstrations.
  • Initial documentation and follow up of patients with pain using exhaustive proforma.
  • Introduction of newer drugs for pain relief and new procedures for pain amelioration in keeping with developments in the field.
  • Integration of Pain Management with Palliative care for better management of patients and care givers.
  • Telephonic consult for crisis situation and for the guidance of the attendants.


  • Use of newer modalities such as laser for treatment of cancer related pain.
  • Application of devices such as TENS bands, Quell, Ultrasonic Applicators for domiciliary pain relief.


Our Locations
  • Sir Chotu Ram Marg, Sector – 5, Rohini Institutional Area, Rohini, New Delhi, Delhi – 110085, India

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  • Squadron Leader Mahender Kumar Jain Marg, Block K, Niti Bagh, New Delhi, Delhi 110049

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