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Homeopathy Treatment Services

Research shows that some complementary and alternate therapies are safe and effective when used with standard cancer treatment.

Complementary and alternate therapies can help people cope with the side effects of surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and other treatments.

They help you feel better reducing the symptoms of side effects and mental stress.

They might help you by enhancing your immune mechanism leading to fast recovery from cancer

Integrated medicine

Integrative medicine is the practice of combining scientifically proven complementary therapies with conventional medicine as part of a comprehensive plan to treat both the disease and its physical and emotional side effects.

The center offers therapies that reduce patients’ stress and anxiety and improve their physical, mental and emotional well-being. Upon referral by the primary care physicians cancer patients receive a well tailored comprehensive approach by the complementary and alternative therapy physicians.


Using alternative medicine can become more important to people with advanced cancer if their conventional treatment is no longer helping to control it.


  1. Side effects of chemotherapy vary from person to person and treatment to treatment.
  2. Homoeopathy carries a potential to be able to help the patients suffering with anxiety,depression,Anorexia, nausea, vomiting, recurrent fever, night sweats, symptoms of negative nitrogen balance, anaemia, Allergy, hypersensitivity.
  3. It can also benefit the patients suffering from radiation induced illness like skin changes, fatigue,Diarrhoea, weight loss.
  4. Holistic individualised homoeopathic treatment can help in stimulating the immune system of the patient and help him to cope up well with the prevailing treatment and helps in fast recovery.
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