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Nursing Services

We have seen a revolution in the evolution of newer techniques in the area of cancer diagnosis, treatment and oncology nursing. Cancer survival rates have improved and nursing has experienced a shift that acknowledged the importance of professionalism in nursing. Over the years the practice of oncology nursing has attained the role of direct caregiver, educator, consultant, administrator, and researcher. Oncology nursing extends to all healthcare delivery settings from prevention, screening, treatment to palliation.

Nursing at RGCI & RC has a proud reputation for providing specialized care and comfort to patients diagnosed with cancer. Oncology nurses work together closely with doctors to ensure patients and their families experience compassionate care as well as access to the latest cancer treatments. Our services also include access to support group and education programs to assist patients and their families. We are certified for Nursing Excellence by National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH).

“We take care of all details to make sure that Patients journey is as simple and stress free as possible”


Provide best Oncology Nursing care of International standards in India.


Provide Comprehensive Oncology nursing care from prevention to palliation based on core values of quality, ethics, Empathy and compassion.


  • Empowerment
  • Team work
  • Patient centered care
  • Mutual respect
  • Trust among all team members
  • Innovation & Learning


RGCIRC is a leading cancer hospital of north India with state of the art facilities and technology savvy people. Our committed and compassionate professional nurses have been providing high quality nursing care to cancer patients for over 25 years. We believe in care with empathy for all patients providing safe highly competent care that is evidence based. Our Nurses strive to create a caring and healing environment for all patients and their families. Nurses of RGCIRC meet unique challenges and demand with the same enduring care, compassion and professionalism and have a desire to make a difference. RGCIRC provides a challenging dynamic exciting supportive work environment for all our Nurses. The nursing leaders of RGCIRC are committed to building and sustaining a healthy work environment that promotes the growth and development of professional nurses.

Director of Nursing with an experience of more than 30 years of service, I am very proud to be a part of the rich legacy of the nursing department. Nurses at RGCIRC practice both the art and science of nursing every day.

Whether you are at the beginning of your career or looking for a new direction in your career, we at RGCIRC Nursing Department have many opportunities to pursue your nursing passion.

Lt Col Madhumita Dhall
Director Nursing


We are providing holistic care for all COVID affected cancer and non-cancer patients.

Our Roles includes

  • Triaging patients and detecting suspected cases with infections.
  • Providing essential treatment in an emergency and dealing with suspected patients with precautions.
  • Helping in decontamination and coordination with other healthcare providers
  • Supplying holistic nursing practices in managing multiple infections simultaneously.
  • Playing critical roles in expanding care services.

We are well equipped with essential knowledge and skills in managing crises involving clinical treatment, decontamination, isolation, communication, triaging, psychological support, and palliative care if necessary.


  • Nursing Induction Training Program (NITP)
  • Basic life support certification program
  • Continuing Nursing Education (online & offline training)
  • PICC Line Training Program
  • Chemoport Training Program


Nursing clinical case presentation is a way to learn and research in the nursing. Presentation of one patient’s situation will provide a rich description without identifying the patient. A Nursing clinical case presentation can be selected for a number of reasons: describe a new or rare case; discuss a nursing problem that is unique or maybe typical, but not normally handled well; educate about the mechanism of a disease or condition; or outline adverse or beneficial side effects of drugs or treatment. A Nursing clinical case presentation also could highlight a unique interdisciplinary approach to a problem. Nurses will discuss findings and interpretation in light of the literature about similar cases. Including nursing implications as well as problems encountered and how they were solved. Team will provide any recommendations for the nursing care of this type of patient in the future.


Nursing tumor board is a forum for the interdisciplinary care of cancer patients, especially those with difficult management problems or unusual manifestations. The goal is to decide on the best possible care plan or protocol as a group. Nursing tumor board provides a mechanism for reaching a consensus on nursing management through testing differing opinions. Nursing tumor board includes different specialty nurses who can determine the best way to implement the nursing care plan designed specifically for specific cases.


  • Bone Marrow Transplant Unit Nurse
  • Chemotherapy Nurse
  • Clinical Instructor
  • Clinical Research Nurse
  • Diabetes Nurse
  • Infection Control Nurse
  • Informatics Nurse
  • Intestinal and Urinary Diversion Care Nurse
  • Medical, Surgical & Radiation Oncology Nurse
  • Nurse Educator
  • Onco Critical Care Nurse
  • Onco Emergency Nurse
  • Onco Surgery Nurse
  • Pain Care Nurse
  • Pediatric Oncology Nurse
  • PICC Insertion Nurse
  • Preventive and Palliative Onco Nurse
  • Quality Nurse
  • Wound Care Nurse


Department of Nursing of RGCI & RC organizes academic feast for nursing fraternity, focusing majorly on obstacles and developments in the field of nursing and healthcare. Nursing conferences enable nurses to learn about a wide range of educational advancements. These are considered as one-stop opportunities to update with most recent innovations and procedures in the field of nursing. These conferences will have speakers from diverse backgrounds who will discuss, share and dissect the cutting-edge research efforts used in betterment of Nursing.

  • RGCON 2020 HEMATO ONCOLOGY UPDATE – BMT Nursing Symposium
  • NURSICON19 – Burden of Cancer “Battle Together… Challenges, Possibilities and Innovations in Cancer Care”
  • NURSICON2019 – “Excellence in Oncology Nursing” Enriching Life : A Comprehensive Approach
  • NURSICON 2017 – Adult and Pediatric Hemato Oncology Nursing: From Hope to Cure
  • Oncology Nursing Workshop IN RGCON17
  • NURSICON 2016 – Lines & Surgical Drain Care
  • Workshop On Advances in PICC Line
  • NURSICON 2015 – Breast Cancer -Get Informed Pass It On
  • NURSICON 2014 – Critical Care Nursing: Visioning beyond the Basics
  • NURSICON 2013 – Care Beyond Cure-Oncology Nursing With A Difference


  • Nurses week celebration
  • Infection control week celebration
  • Christmas celebration
  • World cancer day celebration
  • Onam celebration
  • Diwali celebration
  • Outdoor activities
Our Locations
  • Sir Chotu Ram Marg, Sector – 5, Rohini Institutional Area, Rohini, New Delhi, Delhi – 110085, India

    +91-11-47022222 | Fax +91 11 27051037

  • Squadron Leader Mahender Kumar Jain Marg, Block K, Niti Bagh, New Delhi, Delhi 110049

    +91-11-45822222 / +91-11-45822200

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