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Infection Control Nursing

Hospitals are a hotbed of germs, and infection control nurses are at the front lines of keeping germs at bay, so that their patients can recover from their illness, rather than become sicker. As more “superbugs,” that are resistant to antibiotics emerge, the role of infection control nurses has taken on greater importance. An infection control nurse is who specializes in the prevention and control of infectious disease outbreaks in the institute. This position requires the knowledge of epidemiology and application of public health practices in an acute care hospital environment, with the goal of implementing effective and efficient procedures and policies to combat disease transmission among hospital patients and staff.

Roles of Pediatric Infection Control Nurse includes:-

  • Responsible for developing and revising policies and procedures relating to the Infection Control Program to insure infection control standards that meet CDC, NABH requirements.
  • Have responsibility for the monitoring, surveillance, the investigation, prevention and control of Hospital Acquired Infections.
  • Advise on isolation techniques and supervising the implementation of such techniques in specific situations.
  • Evaluate regularly prevention/control of infection measures in specific situations with a view to advising on continuous improvement.
  • Advise Nursing management of individual patients with infectious conditions
  • Explain laboratory reports relevant to the prevention/control of infection to nursing staff.
  • Act as specialist advisor to all hospital staff where relevant in matters relating to infection prevention/control.
  • Participate in infection prevention/control and hygiene audits and complete reports against agreed guidelines.
  • Conduct on-going surveillance using appropriate criteria, documentation, and investigation of Hospital Associated Infections through review of admission diagnoses, microbiology culture results, isolation orders, patient records, consultation requests, and post-discharge surveillance.
  • Regularly collate and record relevant data and information/compile and interpret surveillance reports to the seniors.
  • Participate in quality improvement activities by assessing, monitoring, and measuring HAI rates and evaluating outcomes on a continuous basis.
  • Assist in observing ensuring implementation and adherence to established policies and procedures e.g. health and safety, infection prevention/control, storage and use of controlled drugs etc
  • Participates as an integral team member, collaborating with various departments and colleagues, including Chief Of Nursing, Human Resources, Quality Team and others as needed to advocate for employee health and safety.
  • Responsible for all employees testing and vaccination processes, and the management of NSI, potential blood exposures, employee illnesses and disease outbreaks.
  • Participate in the education and training programs on infection prevention/control for all grades of staff.
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