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Intestinal and Urinary Diversion Care Nurses

Care of the Oncology patients with urinary or intestinal diversions involves both physical and psychological rehabilitation. The education and skills of a Urinary and Intestinal Diversion Care Nurse can provide a valuable service to the patient/family, surgeon, oncology nurse, and other health care providers. An ostomy or neo-bladder is not a handicapping procedure. Living well with an ostomy or neo-bladder can be achieved through proper patient preparation, education, and planning. Provision of individualized comprehensive care facilitates physical and psychological rehabilitation. A Urinary and Intestinal Diversion Care Nurse may be a patient’s first and primary point of contact for information regarding their stoma and their ileostomy, colostomy, urostomy or neobladder.

Roles of Intestinal and Urinary Diversion Care Nurses

Urinary and Intestinal Diversion Care Nurse educates a patient and family regarding the placement of the stoma, Neo-bladder Surgery, Taking lifestyle and clothing into consideration etc

  • Assessment of the patients for the determination of the optimal stoma site
  • Pre-Operative stoma site marking to help in good placement of stoma by surgeons.
  • Post-Operative care of neo bladder including procedures like irrigation, flushing, bladderwash etc.
  • Assess, monitor stoma and peristomal skin, and implement treatment plans for prevention of complications.
  • Maintenance and care of stoma/stoma site including changing the accessories like punches and base plates.
  • Assessment of neo bladder and other urinary diversions and escalate any complications found.
  • Continually assesses the education needs of nurses and other care team members, educate them about care of patient with intestinal or urinary diversions.
  • Provide required educational aids to patients and relatives.
  • Teaches patients and significant others about post discharge care and daily maintenance of stoma, peristomal skin, Neo Bladder, Darin’s etc., by explaining: post-treatment home care needs, diet/nutrition/exercise programs, self-administration of medication and rehabilitation, as well as provides referrals to other healthcare professionals for follow up treatment

Records all care information concisely, accurately and completely, in a timely manner, in the appropriate format and on the appropriate forms.

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