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Medical, Surgical & Radiation Oncology Nurses

The Medical, Surgical & Radiation Oncology nursing field has progressed to a unique comprehensive specialty. This is an exception field in the sense it is not limited to the disease process or body systems but rather, holistic in approach. It requires nurses to acquire and maintain diverse and extensive knowledge and skills on the different aspects of nursing care. A Medical, Surgical & Radiation Oncology nurse should strive hard to possess a wide variety of competencies and knowledge to survive on different situations in the workplace. Because it is the foundation for oncology nursing care, Medical, Surgical & Radiation Oncology nursing is the perfect area for foundational learning for novice nurses and students. The primary requirements for nurses who want to be Medical, Surgical & Radiation Oncology nurse is to obtain comprehensive knowledge and competency to be versatile and flexible when facing diverse settings.

Roles of Medical, Surgical & Radiation Oncology Nurses includes:-

  • In addition to general nursing care, responsibilities of Medical, Surgical & Radiation Oncology Nurses include (but are not limited to):
  • Provides professional nursing care to assigned oncology patients irrespective of specialty, age or treatment modality.
  • Performs systematic nursing assessment, recognizes abnormalities and integrates findings into critical pathway or multidisciplinary plan of care. Critical elements include physical examination, assessment of readiness to learn, psychosocial assessment, functional assessment, and utilization of specific assessment scales including the Braden scale, Morse fall risk assessment, pain assessment etc.
  • Conducts ongoing assessments as determined by patient’s condition and/or hospital policies, procedures or protocols and reprioritizes care accordingly.
  • Develops plan of care that is individualized for the oncology patient reflecting collaboration with other members of the healthcare team.
  • Performs appropriate treatments as ordered by physician in an accurate and timely manner.
  • Administer chemotherapy, Intravenous administrations, blood products etc.
  • Assessing patients for chemotherapy side effects and providing appropriate nursing interventions.
  • Prepare patients for any diagnostic, surgical, radiation or other medical procedure
  • Monitor and perform care of post procedural patients.
  • Maintains comprehensive and accurate records of all patient activities, including exams, diagnostic testing, medications, cancer treatments, referring physician information, etc.
  • Performs therapeutic nursing interventions as established by individualized plan of care for the patient and his/her family.
  • Initiates emergency resuscitative measures according to resuscitation protocols.
  • Reports patient condition to appropriate personnel during each shift.
  • Evaluates patients’ responses to care based on effectiveness of nursing interventions/actions in relationship to established outcomes and consults with doctors and Support Staff regarding clinical variances and recommended changes to the plan of care.

Identifies learning needs with patients/families and teaches by adapting standard information to provide individualized and comprehensive teaching learning. Utilizes the resources as appropriate to meet identified patient, family and/or care give needs.

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