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Onco Surgery Nurses


Onco Surgical nurses are part of a well-orchestrated team that also include surgeons, doctors, anesthetists, surgery techs and maybe even residents or medical students. Onco Surgical nurses are considered the backbone of the oncology surgical team, and they take on a key role not only in surgical procedures, some of which may be life-saving, but also in the patient care that takes place before and after the procedure. Through the implementation of a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach, perioperative nurses work closely alongside all members of the oncology surgical team.  Types of Surgery nurses include the following:

  • A scrub nurse is sterile and is responsible for choosing and handling instruments and supplies used during surgery. Duties include setting up a sterile area in preparation for surgery, helping the surgical team with gowns and gloves, and handing instruments to the surgeon.
  • Circulating nurse includes developing a patient plan of care, reviewing preoperative assessments with patients, and managing activities in the operating room. The circulating nurse is not sterile, but is there to serve everyone involved in a surgical procedure, not just the surgeon.
  • The first assistant nurse assists during the operation by helping with surgical activities such as keeping bleeding under control, exposing wounds, and suturing, all under direction of the surgeon.

Oncology Surgical Nurses work with a team of people so closely that after a while, Nurse can almost just look at their face and know something’s wrong or they need something and they don’t need to say a word. Surgical Nurses working in a very specialized team and everyone’s on the same page.

  • Ensure preparation of the material and equipment in the OT,
  • Receive patients and take them from the preparation room to the OT,
  • Anticipating their needs in order to facilitate their job; with the anesthetist,
  • Monitor the vital parameters of the patient Organize patient transportation from the OT to the SICU and carry-out and/or supervise all the postoperative activities to prepare the OT for the next scheduled operation or emergency
  • Implement the hygiene, Sterilization, asepsis and disinfection protocols and procedures at all times, before, during and after operations,
  • To ensure the safety conditions of patients and staff Supervise and train the nurse aides and cleaners while in the OT,
  • Following protocols Control all equipment and material stock used in the OT to ensure efficient and rational use of material resources Contribute to monthly reports according to guidelines (statistical reports, etc.)
  • Arrange the large robotic equipment is set up correctly in operating room before patient arrives, padding of pressure points, and appropriate application of ant-skid material
  • Positioning of patient depending on the surgery.
  • Records all care information concisely, accurately and completely, in a timely manner, in the appropriate format and on the appropriate forms.

In RGCI&RC, Nurses performs Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy(HIPEC) and assists in variety of procedures from smaller surgeries to vascular surgeries and Highly advanced  Robotic surgeries.

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