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Department of Preventive Oncology

department of preventive oncology

Cancer has become one of the ten leading causes of death in India. It is estimated that there are nearly 2.5 million cancer cases at any given point of time, with over 10 lakh new cases and 5.5 lakh deaths occurring every year due to this disease.

Common sites for cancer in India are Oral Cavity, Lungs, Prostate, Esophagus and Stomach in males and Breast, Cervix and Oral cavity in females. Over 70% of cases report in advanced stages of disease, resulting in poor survival. The only way to win battle against cancer is through Prevention & Early Detection.

In this era of medical cost containment, Oncologists seek to develop not only better treatment for cancer but also effective programs for cancer prevention. Prevention should be the key element in any disease control program. Cancer prevention is the reduction of occurrence of cancer by identifying causes and developing measures to remove or counteract them. Prevention oncology embraces measures that may be taken to prevent the development or progression of malignant disease. Healthy lifestyles hold the key to cancer prevention. Up to 2/3rd of all cancers may be prevented by avoiding tobacco and adopting other healthy habits. Regular screenings can help detect many cancers in early stages, when they can be treated successfully.

Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre has set up Preventive Oncology Department primarily to focus on creating awareness among the public, about the need to screen for early detection of cancer. Preventive Oncology OPD provides screening for three most common cancers (Breast, Cervix, and Oral cancers) at highly subsidized rates.

These Screening Services are also conducted through community based cancer detection camps. The Department organizes training programs for health workers on prevention and early detection of cancer.


  1. Public Education – Preventive Oncology team educates people about harmful effects of tobacco, alcohol and western lifestyle. Preventive Oncology Department has taken initiative within the Institute as well as outside in collaboration with Central/Delhi Government and various NGOs working in this field.
    • Distributing information booklets on cancer awareness as well as tips to remain healthy and cancer free.
    • Motivating the relations of patients to have cancer checkup, we have set up ” May I help you desk “, in main reception lobby to mobilize general public, in particularly kith and kins of patients
    • LCD TV in main reception area which displays Preventive Oncology Program
    • Deliver public lectures in slum areas of Delhi. We also Screen Slum Dwellers free of cost to catch disease at a pre-cancerous stage or very early stage.
  2. Conduct Screening- Basic cancer screening is done for healthy individuals, who may be relation of a patient at a highly subsidized rate in the hospital OPD.
  3. Create Awareness About Preventive Vaccine – Display boards are available in OPD, which highlights the importance of cervical cancer vaccine.
  4. Screening Package – Preventive Oncology Department primarily focused on creating awareness among the general public about the need to screen for early detection of cancer.

Screening packages are provided at a highly subsidized rate which includes the following:

For Males

  • Clinical Examination (ENT checkup)
  • Rectal examination by surgeon (For Rectal & Prostate Cancer)
  • CBC – Complete Haemogram
  • PSA test
  • X-Ray chest
  • Ultrasound whole Abdomen
  • Stool for Occult blood

For Females

  • Clinical Examination (ENT checkup)
  • Breast and pelvic examination by Gynecologist
  • CBC – Complete Haemogram
  • PAP Smear (For Cervix Cancer)
  • Screening Mammography for women above 40 yrs.
  • Ultrasound Breast for females less than 40 yrs.
  • X-Ray chest
  • Ultrasound Whole Abdomen
  • Stool for Occult Blood

Besides this, customized Packages are offered after the Risk Assessment of the individuals.

Preventive Oncology Outreach Program

Awareness and Screening services are also carried out through community based cancer detection camps.

Activities on Special Days

Screening camps are arranged in RGCI & RC on:

  • World Cancer Day – 4th February
  • International Women’s Day – 8th March
  • World No Tobacco Day – 31st May
  • National Cancer Awareness Day – 7th November
  • Cancer Awareness lectures for staff and patients attendants are conducted on above days.
  • Month of October is observed as breast cancer awareness month in RGCI & RC and free clinical breast examination is carried out.
  • Month of November is observed as cervical cancer awareness month and free Pap smear is done in November month.
  • Camps are also arranged regularly at schools, colleges, corporate offices, RWAs etc. to create awareness about regular screening & early detection of cancer. 10-15 camps are done by Preventive Oncology Team every month.

Activities in these camps includes:

  • High risk identification of general population through family history.
  • Create health awareness through audiovisuals, booklets, pamphlets etc. inside the Institute & at camps.
  • Health education regarding personal hygiene & dietary advice by Health Educator.
  • Screening for early detection.
  • Counseling services for high risk people are given by health educators.
  • Training Program are conducted for medical and paramedical staff.

Seven Warning Signals of Cancer

  • Change In Bowel or Bladder Habits.
  • A Sore That Doesn’t Heal.
  • Unusual Bleeding or Discharge.
  • Thickening or Lump In Breast or Elsewhere.
  • Indigestion or Difficulty In Swallowing.
  • Obvious Change In Wart or Mole.
  • Nagging Cough or Hoarseness.

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