Ankit Verma

OPD patient

Nepalgunj, Nepal


My name is Ankit Verma, I am 18 years old boy and have just graduated my high school. I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma (a type of malignant bone tumor) on Jan 1, 2021. I have completed my treatment in the paedatric department of Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital, Rohini. On Jan. 4,2021 I had received my first chemotherapy, my parents and me both were anxious about the treatment. After the first chemotherapy I was having pimples on my face and all over the body. After few days hair fall started and I had to shave my hair and I was very sad. My home is far away from the hospital so we had rented a room near the hospital. When we were there after my first chemo, it was very hard to pass our time, the days were very much frustrating for us. After some days, I was having lots of post chemo side effects like nausea, hating strong smells, taste alternations and lots of vomiting complications. Vomiting was a much more in my case and was admitted in the hospital for 15 days in between the chemotherapy cycle. My parents were very much tensed for the complications I was facing. After some days the chemo side effects was shortened and was again admitted for my second chemo. But after receiving my second chemo again I was having side effects, mucositis, mucositis was so severe that I couldn’t even eat food so we went to the hospital. I could not even speak, my mucositis was increasing and I could not even speak. It was very much painful I used to wrap my lips with tissue and cotton to stop bleeding. Due to low counts it was taking time to heal. I was on nutriflex for about two weeks. Mucositis was not only the side effects I had after my chemo, I was having vomiting too. I hated to stay in the hospital. I always wished to run for my home, but that was not possible without completing my treatment. I always used to remember my past happy days.
My two/three chemo cycles went like these. But before my surgery the chemo worked very well, I didn’t had much complications. During surgery my parents were very much anxious, I was in the OT for about seven hours. When I became asleep after my OT I was like: where am I?, what’s going on?, Is my operation completed?. After OT I was shifted to the SICU for 24 hours for monitoring. I was crying and was nervous after my surgery. A knee brace was fitted over my leg looking at the brace I was thinking about how the scars are looking?, how are the stiches?, how much long is the scar? and was saddened. My backbone was punctured for giving pain relief drug, I had two cannulas fitted in a single hand and a PICC line on the other, seeing that I used to think how bad these days are, when will these be over? I was in the SICU with other medical staffs. The on- duty sister was so much attentive, concerned, caring & helpful towards me. She came and sat beside me and wiped off my tears and started talking to me and began motivating me and making my hope stronger that everything will be all right, you will be fine again and many other convincing talks. She actually is like a real sister to me. She took the best care of me. And the next day I was shifted to the ward on bed as I was unable to walk on foot. I was also referred to the physiotherapy department for rehabilitation. I was able to walk by support after one days of surgery. This could never have been possible without my surgeon doctor Dr. Himanshu Rohela & Dr. Deepak and the physiotherapist mam Dr . Rashmi. They are like angels of god for me.
After my surgery I was again admitted to the hospital for my remaining chemotherapy cycles. Four months passed with lots of struggles, frustrations, memory and recovery. After spending much time in the hospital the staffs of our paediatric ward was like family. I started to spend my time in the playroom. It was being fun staying in the hospital. The rules and regulations of the ward are patients and parents friendly. The ward is full of facilities needed for a patient/child to make him/her fall in love staying in the hospital. After meeting the playroom teacher Kajol mam, you’ll be sure about that. Doctors, sisters,mams and wardboys were very much polite, caring and helpful. They used to do their duty with passion and dedication. The medical team especially my treating doctor Dr. Gauri Kapoor & Dr. Sandeep Jain are fully dedicated towards their work. They do their work like duty, they are responsible, confident, caring, have compassion and are brilliant doctors. This is the reason why we children love our paediatric ward.
All the brothers and sisters admitted in the hospital was alike so I never used to feel separated, low about myself, about the society. I always loved to interact with the brothers and sisters in the hospital, I was always curious to know more about them. But unknowingly this works like a therapy for stress relief for both parents and children. But one should always be careful about that we should never take medical advice from them. You should trust your doctor only. I like the time spent in the hospital. I used to remember my time spent in the hospital when I was in the room and think about it and pass my time. But physiotherapy was very much tough and painful therapy because after only 8-9 weeks I was advised to open my knee brace, so the muscles were stiffened. I used to go the physiotherapy department daily for my exercises, the beginning days were hard for me but the mam over there was much caring and friendly after two three days I didn’t used to feel the pain. It’s natural to have pain when we mobilize stiffened muscles but I didn’t used to feel pain anymore. Physiotherapist Dr. Rashmi was awesome I was able to walk without support after weeks of physiotherapy. I continued my rehabilitation procedures up to my last chemo.
During my last two chemo cycles I was sad and unhappy for my studies because I had my board exams and I had my chemo on date. Somehow doctors and my parents managed me to give exams while being in the hospital. The side effects were not over I used to have mucositis and used to stay in the hospital for 3-5 days for supportive. We used to play plenty of games in the hospital. After the completion of all the chemo cycles the paediatric department celebrates the victory of every patients who have been admitted there for the treatment. We celebrated my victory by dancing, distributing chocolates, and by performing the most awaited victory walk.
I think people should never give up on their faith and hope. We all need to stay calm and deal things with patience and positivity. We can succeed over anything with the help of proper support, love, patience and positivity as time heals everything. And yes, cancer is curable if diagnosed and treated on time.
Thank you!
-Ankit Verma (2021)

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