Surinder Singh Sehgal

My wife Amrit Kaur Sehgal  & mother of Navneet Kaur was suffering from Cerebrovascular Accident – Right Hemiparesis since Nov 1999 and Carcinoma Duodenum with gastric outlet obstruction, GI Bleed since 2018. On the recommendation of Dr. P.N. Singh of Holy Family Hospital that we should now go for Palliative Care and Pain Management .… Read More

Rajarshi Banerjee

Experiencing palliative care for our mother's cancer journey was a profound relief. It not only eased the physical pain from treatments but also provided crucial emotional support. The compassionate counseling for both our mother and us alleviated the burden of facing the end of life. Palliative care became a beacon of comfort, allowing us to… Read More


New Delhi

Iam yuvi. I was diagnosed with throat cancer ( Hodgkin's lymphoma) at pediatric ward . I was very nervous and depressed before visiting pediatric ward but doctor's open communication made the things easy for me . After biopsy and Pet ct scan my treatment started soon . It was very difficult to cope up with… Read More

Saurabh Leo


कभी -कभी हमारे साथ जिंदगी मे ऐसे हादसे और खराब वक्त आ जाता है जिसमे कि जिंदगी एकदम ठप्प सी हो जाती है, एकदम से अंधेरा सा छा जाता है, हम टूट जाते है अंदर से, मानो कि किसी गहरे समुद्र मे डूब गए हो न तो वहा से कोई पतवार दिखाई देती है और… Read More


On behalf of the Prakash Family, I am writing to provide a heartfelt testimonial for the palliative care team at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre in Niti Bagh. The compassion, expertise, and support they demonstrated while caring for my father, Om Prakash, a cancer patient, were truly exceptional. From the moment my father… Read More

Saurabh Leo

कभी अकेले मे बैठो और पूछो अपने आप से कि क्या है खुशी, क्या होती है ये खुशी, क्या सिर्फ मुस्कराना ही है खुशी, नहीं सिर्फ मुस्कराना ही नहीं है खुशी, बल्कि खुशी एक अनमोल खजाना है जो कि ह्रदय की गहराइयों मे बसती है, आँखो मे चमक चरित्र मे प्यार है खुशी, जिंदगी के… Read More


This is in reference to the case of my mother Pritam Kaur who is suffering multiple organ diseases like Kidney and heart. We admitted her to the institute for palliative care under Dr Sunny Malik. After a few days of treatment we observed that she is responding better as compared to the normal ICU treatment… Read More


I really felt very helpful with the palliative care , which I went into at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital from Dr Sunny Malik, on the suggestion of  Ms Sarika who works very closely with Dr Sunny. I want to share my three very discomfortable experience  of my life - I underwent Briatric surgery on 22nd… Read More

Sumati Dewan

Rohini New Delhi

Our 78 year old mother was diagnosed with colon cancer. Most of the doctors we consulted told us she would require a stoma bag for some time after surgery. We were worried that at this age when she can’t even walk properly how would she manage the stoma bag etc. We met Dr. Shivendra Singh… Read More

Neeta Srivastava


Dr. Mini was very helpful and supportive throughout my mother's treatment. Her medicines helped my mother alot in subsiding the symptoms. She was promptly available for helping us over call/video call throughout the day. Although we could not save our mother due to the advanced stage of the disease, but we will always be thankful… Read More

Mohd Mobeen


CA left BM U/W Surgery 18/02/21 को डॉ मुदित अग्रवाल सर डॉ राजन सर , एवं उनकी टीम द्वारा किया गया . पुनः डॉ गैरोला और डॉ तलवार सर के नेतृत्व मे रेडिशन और chemo थेरेपी हुई और आप सभी के कुशल प्रयास से मार्गदर्शन से मुझे जीवन दान मिला और दिन प्रति दिन मेरा… Read More



I was diagnosed with GCT (A type of Benign bone tumour), indeed it was a toughest journey but Dr.Himanshu Rohela Sir and the team(Dr.Deepak) treated at its best. Now I am totally confident for my life. Read More

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