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Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer: An In-Depth Analysis of Its Biology and Treatment Options

Lung cancer has been one of the top causes of cancer-related death in women as well as men worldwide. More than 90-percent of lung cancers are caused due to the usage of tobacco-based products and smoking. However, there could be other causes as well, including exposure to air pollution, chronic infections, asbestos or radon gas.  Broadly, lung cancer is classified into two histologic categories: Read More

How to Detect the Sign and Symptoms of Cancer

  What is Cancer Cancer is an amalgam of diseases in which the body’s cells begin to divide but are unable to stop after a certain point of cell growth. Cancer is a disease that can start anywhere on or inside the body. This is due to the breakdown of the machinery that tells the cells to stop multiplying further. In this case, the cells keep multiplying and cause extraneous growths known as t... Read More

Signs and Symptoms of Lung Cancer

  Nearly 25% of people with lung cancer experience no signs and symptoms before diagnoses via chest X-ray or CT scan that is done for any other reasons like chest pain, breathing problem, etc. So, it is important to know the early signs and symptoms of lung cancer. Given below are the early signs or causes of lung cancer that you must be aware of and immediately see the doctor if you experience any of these symptoms: ... Read More

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