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Reconstructive Surgery: Detailed Overview

Reconstructive surgery is a medical intervention strategy to rectify defects in the body caused by ageing, injury, infections, congenital anomalies and tumours. The surgery aims to improve the form and function of any body part, from toe to the head, in kids, adults and elderly. Reconstructive surgery is mistaken for plastic surgery but they are two different disciplines. The former restores the function of a body part while the latter is about achieving aesthetics. In fact, most cosmetic surgery procedures performed in India are r... Read More

Signs and Symptoms of Liver Cancer

Liver cancer has reached epidemic proportions lately. Courtesy World Cancer Research Journal, the liver cancer incidence rate stood at 10.1 per one million people and the mortality rate was 9.5 per 0.1 million population in 2017. puts the estimated number of infected Americans at 42,220 with 11,610 females and 30,610 males. Notably, the incidences have increased three folds since 1980 presenting a serious threat to public health. The same resource indicates Southeast Asia and sub-Saharan Africa to be the most affected regio... Read More

Signs and Symptoms of Head and Neck Cancer

Given below are the major signs and symptoms of some of the cancers that come under the head and neck cancer category: Mouth cancer It is the most common kind of head and neck cancer. It may affect the tongue, lips, cheeks, floor or roof of the mouth and gums. The sign and symptoms of mouth cancer are the formations of lumps in the mouth and persistent mouth ulcers. Laryngeal cancer This can... Read More

Urinary Bladder Cancer Signs and Symptoms

Observing blood in urine is the most common sign of urinary bladder cancer while there are other urination problems indicating this cancer. Nonetheless, you must understand that the early signs and symptoms of urinary bladder cancer are not severe. 1. Blood in the Urine Hematuria or blood in urine is one of the signs of urinary bladder cancer. This sign is often painless and frequently comes and goes. In urinary bladder cancer, the blood is usually present during the urination process. This indic... Read More

Soft Tissue Sarcoma

Soft tissue sarcoma’s comprises 2% of all cancers. Sarcomas can start anywhere in the body, typically muscles, blood vessels, nerves, fat, joints and tissues. More than 30 different types of sarcomas have been identified and are usually named on the type of tissue they start like liposarcomas for fat tumours, rhabdomyosarcomas for muscle tumours, angiosarcomas for blood vessel tumours etc. Warning Signs A new lump or Increase in size of a preexisting lump Difficulty in normal movements Read More

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