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COVID-19 Pandemic has shown the world the importance of staying healthy. Undoubtedly, vaccines are one of the most effective tools to prevent diseases and death within human population. The world is still amidst a COVID-19 pandemic and our only ray of hope are vaccines, as getting vaccinated has the potential to save millions of lives each year. They work by training and preparing the body's natural defences - the immune system - through simultaneously recognizing an... Read More

How Long Can Someone Live With Untreated Mouth Cancer?

Mouth cancer or oral cancer occur in any part of the oral cavity, like the lips, two-thirds of the tongue, the inner lining of the cheeks, gums, hard palate, soft palate, pharynx, and sinuses. This type of cancer is grouped into head and neck type cancers. Oral can be perilous if it is not diagnosed and treated at the early stages. When cancer cells spread to the neck’s lymph nodes, oral cancer is discovered. Symptoms Of Oral Cancer Here are some most common symptoms of mouth cancer: Read More

What Is The Survival Rate Of Patients Suffering From Liver Cancer?

Cancer survival rates give you a definitive idea of the number of healthy and alive people after suffering from cancer. The statistics do not convey the exact length of the life of a patient after the procedure. The numbers give you valuable insight into the success of a given cancer treatment procedure conducted by various hospitals. The survival rates are mere estimates and are usually based on past outcomes of many people with particular cancer. These statistics fail to predict what happens in any specific individual's case. The... Read More

5 Facts You Should Know Before Undergoing Brain Tumor Treatment

Brain cancer is known to either originate in the brain or develop in another part of the body and it slowly spreads to the brain via the bloodstream. If a cancerous tumour originates in the brain itself, it is medically known as a primary brain tumour. If it originates in various body parts and eventually spreads to the brain, it is called a metastatic brain tumour. Brain metastasis is a common phenomenon as statistics show that one out of every four cancer patients experiences it. Personalized Medici... Read More

Top Treatment Options For Cervical Cancer In India

The spread of cancer varies from person to person. It is challenging to predict what a cervical cancer suffering woman should expect for the future. The chances of getting cured in the early stages of cervical cancer are pretty high and impressive. While talking about this cancer's various treatments, it is essential to remember that the numbers are mere averages. They do not precisely predict how the treatment for cervical cancer will plan out for the patient. The su... Read More

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