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Lump in Breast…..need to know facts

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Role of Microbiota in Carcinogenesis and Cancer Treatment

Human body has around 30 trillion human cells, but microbiome in human body is constituted by estimated 39 trillion microbial cells including bacteria, viruses and fungi that live on and in us. They make up about 1-3 per cent of our total body mass but have huge potential implications on physiology and diseases. We now have plenty of literature that demonstrates an association between disruptions in the homeostasis of microbial communities (termed as dysbiosis) and varied pathologic con... Read More

Interventional Oncology – The Fourth Pillar Of Cancer Care

“There is no time like the present”. This phrase cannot be more apt than writing an article to create awareness about Interventional Oncology (IO) – the newest/ minimally invasive and one of the most advanced and exciting branches of medicine, which is changing the lives of cancer patients across the globe. October 25-31 is celebrated as the IO Awareness Week to increase awareness about this field and its benefits for cancer patients. Read More

Male Infertility And Cancer

The number of men surviving cancer at a young age has increased dramatically in the past 20 years as a result of early detection and improved cancer treatment. Quality of life has become an important issue in childhood and adult cancer patients. Fertility is often impaired after chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Malignant diseases might influence gonadal function through hormonal alterations and metabolic conditions. Reproductive h... Read More

What Are the Causes of White Lung Cancer (Asbestosis)?

Asbestosis refers to a lung disease that is caused due to inhalation of asbestos fibres. It is also known as White Lung Cancer because asbestosis looks like a large white area in the X-ray of the lungs. The symptoms of this disease range from mild to severe.  The main symptom is shortness of breath. Continue reading to know more about White Lung Cancer, its causes and more.As someone who has seen Asbestosis closely in the family, let us dive into what the disea... Read More

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