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Quantum Leaps in Nuclear Oncology – Towards Precision Medicine

Over the last few years, the field of nuclear oncology has witnessed several advancements based on continued research. Progress in nuclear medicine is leading to better outcomes in treating several cancers. Especially in cases of thyroid cancer, prostate cancer and neuroendocrine tumours, nuclear medicine has offered a lot of hope, said Dr. P. S. Choudhury, Director of the Nuclear Medicine Department, Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre (RGCIRC) and the Organising Chairperson of the annu... Read More

HPV Vaccination in India : New Progress and the way forward

In a promising advance in its fight against cervical cancer, India recently launched its first locally produced version of the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine “Cervavac”. Currently, India lacks a national immunization program for carcinoma cervix eradication. Inclusion of Cervavac into the national immunization schedule wil... Read More

Healthy Dying and Good Death

There are different ways people die. The first is the sudden death. The other is the long death, which is what most of us will likely experience. “The reality is death from cancer, where you actually know it’s going to happen, and you can say goodbye”. It was 18th March 2004, I received a call from my friend. He had lung cancer with hepatic and brain metastasis. Disease had progressed relentlessly despite surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. He wa... Read More

Backbone Cancer: Symptoms, Causes, Stages and Treatment Options

Backbone cancer, also known as spinal cancer, is a serious condition that affects the bones and tissues of the spine. In this article, let us explore the symptoms, causes, stages, and treatment options for backbone cancer. What Is Backbone Cancer? Backbone cancer is a type of cancer that affects the spine, which is mad... Read More

Tonsil Cancer: Identifying the Early Signs and Symptoms for Prompt Treatment

Cancer is a terrible disease as symptoms are usually identified at a later stage, which can keep you away from getting treatment on time. One such cancer is tonsil cancer. It is a rare kind of cancer, and symptoms can go unnoticed, causing more serious health issues.  If you are experiencing a sore throat, difficulty swallowing or a lump in your throat that's just not going, it may feel like a minor annoyance, but it could be a sign of tonsil cancer. Therefore,... Read More

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