Mouth Cancer

5 April, 2022

Oral cancer is one of the scariest diseases to have. The number of affected people is high in men compared to women. According to a survey, the estimated number of oral cancer cases this year was around 55,000 in adults, with 38890 men being diagnosed with oral cancer. Have you ever wondered why? Well, this shouldn’t surprise you with more men addicted to smoking and tobacco being the victims of oral cancer. 

The cigarette tar that builds up in the mouth is what can lead to cancerous cells. Smoking for a long time or chewing tobacco can contribute to oral cancer. Alcohol is another factor in oral cancer as it loosens the salivary glands’ ability to defend against harmful bacteria. However, the disease can be treated with the right medication and surgery. Thanks to our healthcare industry that has made it possible to treat oral cancer. 

The fear about the disease lies in the lack of information since the disease progresses slowly and is undetectable for months, which certainly increases the chances of danger. Let’s have a closer look at some of the doubts and fears about mouth cancer treatment.

What Is Oral Cancer?

Parts of the mouth, such as the tongue or gums, are covered by a thin layer of epithelium, a protective layer of cells that helps keep bacteria and other harmful substances out of the body. But, when there is an injury to the epithelium, these harmful organisms can enter the body. This can trigger an infection, which if not treated properly, can spread to the lymph nodes and eventually to other parts of the body such as the lungs. Such a condition is known as oral cancer.


The common symptoms of oral cancer include:

  • Sudden weight loss
  • Pain when swallowing 
  • Bleeding ulcers
  • A lump or sore that doesn’t heal 

The other possible symptoms include a sore throat that persists or pain in the ears, tongue, or throat.


Early diagnosis of oral cancer can save your life and money. With early detection, you can cure the disease with some basic treatments. Apart from the treatments recommended by your best oncologist, include healthy changes in your diet like eating green leafy vegetables, drinking green tea, turmeric tea, tomato juice, fresh fruits like berries and Avocado. Patients should also follow some lifestyle habits like meditation and yoga for relaxation. Being informed about all the possible solutions can eliminate your fears and doubts about the treatment.  


Types of Treatments for Oral Cancer

Medical science has improved drastically, and certainly, different treatments can help the odds of survival. The common treatments include: 

  • Surgery
  • Radiation Therapy 
  • Chemotherapy 
  • Immunotherapy

These treatments are given based on the type of tumour, location and stage of cancer


Surgery is performed on less complex mouth tumours. The surgeon uses a scalpel to remove the cancerous tissue or a tumour and closes the wound using stitches. 

Radiation Therapy 

Radiation treatment is one of the most effective treatments for fighting oral cancer. The radiation therapy uses a high beam of radiation energy directed at the cancer cells. It can be targeted to the right place by attaching a very small radioactive material to a chemical that the cancer cells like to feed on. 


Chemotherapy is a treatment for cancer that kills cancer cells by breaking down their DNA. During this treatment, the patient is given a drug via an injection or directly through some liquid, which kills the cancer cells. 


The immune system is a natural defence against illness and attacks cancer cells in several ways in the body and destroys them. The medicine used to improve the immune system serves as a vaccine to trigger the immune system to destroy tumours. This technique has also been used to treat many different types of cancer.


Well, the most uncomfortable and painful thing about oral cancer is that it progresses slowly and can go undetected for months or years. The good news is that it can be detected with early diagnosis and treatment. So, look for the best cancer hospitals for screening and receive treatment on time. We hope the above information has eliminated some of your fears about mouth cancer treatments and the post has helped you gain some knowledge on oral cancer. 

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