Bone Cancer

27 October, 2020

Bone cancer may start in any particular part of the body and then spread gradually. The most common area where bone cancer may develop is the long bones of the arms and legs. This type of cancer is rare and not all bone tumours are cancerous.

Bone cancers are named as per the location of the body where they grow. If a bone tumour in the pelvic region becomes cancerous and spreads to the bone, it is said to be pelvic cancer.

There are some bone cancers that are found in children and some bone cancers only occur in adults. To get a brief idea of bone cancer and its treatment let’s discuss further.

Symptoms Of Bone Cancer

Some of the common signs and symptoms of bone cancer are:

  • Pain in the bone.
  • Swelling and tenderness in the bone.
  • Weak and tired bones.
  • Unexplained weight loss.

One has to understand that all these symptoms may occur from other physical issues and not necessarily from bone cancer. Once you start getting similar symptoms frequently, make sure you consult a doctor.

Risk Factors

It is not clear why bone cancer occurs. But researchers state that Inherited genetic syndrome is one of the reasons to develop bone cancer. Apart from that, you may also develop bone cancer from radiation therapy for other cancer treatments. 

Types Of Bone Cancer


In this type of bone cancer, the cancerous tumor produces bone. This type of cancer is often found in children and young adults. Cancer mainly develops in the leg or arms. In very rare cases this type of cancer also arises on the outside of bones.


This is the second most common type of bone cancer where the cancerous cells produce cartilage. This cancer is common in the pelvic region, legs and arms. Middle-aged people and older adults develop this cancer.

Ewing Sarcoma

This bone cancer is found in both children and young adults. The pelvis and the legs or arms are affected in this bone cancer.

Diagnosis For Bone Cancer

Image tests- The doctor may recommend an image testing that will help determine the location and the size of the tumour inside the bone. It will also reveal if cancer has started to spread. 

Some of the best image testings for bone cancer treatment are:

  • Scan of the bone.
  • MRI.
  • CT scan.
  • Positron emission tomography.
  • X-ray.

Biopsy- There are two types of biopsies done for bone cancer detection. One method includes the insertion of needles to the tumour and extracts a small portion of the tumour tissues to test. 

Another method includes the surgery of the tumour. The doctor removes the tumour and takes a portion of the tumour tissue for biopsy.

Best Treatments For Bone Cancer


Bone cancer surgery is the most advised solution for tumour inside the bone. If the doctor detects a tumour development at a very complicated point, they will amputate it to stop its further spread. After a thorough analysis of the test results, the doctor will likely advise surgery and replace the affected area with an artificial limb or bone structure.


This treatment is administered in patients with bone cancer when the cancerous cells remain post-surgery. With the help of anti-cancer drugs, chemotherapy is used to destroy the growth of cancer cells. But chemotherapy is not suitable for all types of bone cancer. Before starting chemotherapy treatment, make sure you discuss with your doctor the success rate, complications and side-effects.

Radiation Therapy

This treatment uses high power rays or beams that kill the cancer cells. In this process, the patient is given radiation depending on the location of the bone cancer. The radiation is only administered in the target area and at a precise point. This radiation therapy for cancer is often used before surgery is done so that the amputation can be avoided.

Apart from the above-mentioned treatments, researchers are constantly working on developing more advanced procedures that can completely reduce the need for amputation.

For more knowledge on bone cancer treatments, one must consult with a cancer specialist. Above all, you must choose a reputed cancer treatment hospital that has a strong team of experienced doctors and a success record of bone cancer treatments. 

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