Bone Cancer

10 January, 2021

Bone cancer, which is uncommon in adults, begins in the bone cells and destroys normal bone tissues. When a tumour starts in the bone cells, it is referred to as bone sarcoma or primary bone cancer. Usually, bone cancer in many people is metastatic, i.e., the tumour from the other body organs affects bones. Such a type of bone cancer is referred to as secondary bone cancer. The malignant bone tumour is virulent and infectious, which results from the uncontrollable growth of cells, and is cancerous.

Some tumours originating in the bones are not cancerous, and they do not spread to other body organs or tissues. But, they weaken the bones and make them fragile. Such a type of bone cancer is called a benign bone tumour. A benign bone tumour is not harmful and life-threatening. With appropriate surgery, this type of tumour can be completely cured.

Causes And Risk Factors Of Bone Cancer

The causes of the bone tumour are not yet discovered. They remain to be unknown. We can say that this tumour may be related to hereditary factors. The bone cells grow rapidly and destroy other healthy bone tissues. Such abnormal cells get accumulated inside the bones and form tumours. Therefore, this tumour can be cancerous or non-cancerous, i.e., malignant or benign.

Though causes of bone cancer are not covered, there are some risk factors that may increase the risk of bone tumours. Radiation therapy is one of the biggest risk factors for any type of cancer. Another risk factor is Paget’s disease, which commonly occurs in older victims. Finally, genetic syndromes stand to be the common risk factor for bone tumours.

Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre

At Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre, you can find the best surgical oncologist in India for the treatment of bone cancer. There is an Orthopedic Oncology department at RGCIRC for treating bone cancer patients. This is a non-profit cancer centre accredited with NABL, NABH, ISO 14001, and ISO 9001 certifications. The RGCIRC centre is India’s well-known and popular cancer treatment centre, consisting of the latest technology and skilled workforce to treat bone tumours and other cancers.

This cancer centre offers world-class bone tumour treatment to offshore and domestic patients. It follows a multi-modality technique, where a team of specialists treats bone tumour. This team of specialists for bone tumour treatment include medical oncologists, orthopaedic oncologists, radiologists, counsellors, nurses, surgical oncologists, reconstructive surgeons, and physiotherapists. The RGCIRC centre is well-equipped to handle all conditions regarding the bone tumour.

The Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre is also equipped with skilled and trained doctors and specialists. You can find an experienced oncologist in India at this centre who can treat primary as well as secondary bone tumours with genuine outcomes. Bone sarcomas and metastatic primary bone tumours can be treated at this centre with great care. Giant Cell tumours, Chondroblastoma, and Aneurysmal Bone Cyst are also treated and managed.

RGCIRC is fully furnished with all the latest technologies and skills to perform bone surgeries for any type of bone tumour treatment. It is known for its limb salvage surgery carried out with vascularized bone autografts, endoprosthetic replacement, and extracorporeal radiotherapy. The limb salvage surgery also involves total femur, total humerus replacement, and bone tumour re-implantation.

Additionally, many other bone tumour treatment surgeries, like en bloc resections of a primary spinal tumour, soft tissue sarcomas, extended curettage of benign bone tumours, and internal hemipelvectomy, are also carried out with a specialized team of experienced oncologists. As many surgeries are performed at this centre for bone tumour treatment, one objective is common in all surgeries. They perform surgeries to remove malignant tumours by keeping the possible exact shape of the limb.

Bone Cancer Treatment

  1. Surgery

A surgical process is performed to remove the cancerous and affected bone tissue. Later, chemotherapy or radiation treatment can be used for killing the leftover cancer cells.

  1. Radiation Therapy

Tumour cells are shrunk or killed using radiation therapy. But, this therapy also affects surrounding cells.

  1. Chemotherapy

In this treatment type, drugs are used for killing the tumour cells. It has certain side-effects, it involves drugs or medications.


If you have a bone tumour, you can consult the best oncologist in India at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre for effective treatment.

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