Mouth Cancer

3 July, 2021

Tongue cancer is a form of cancer that affects the tongue and surrounding regions of the mouth. It is prevalent in India, and approximately ten lakh patients are diagnosed with this form of cancer every year. 

It is most common in individuals between the ages of 30 and 35; however, it is not uncommon in people of other ages. In some rare cases, tongue cancer can accompany patients for a lifetime. If spotted earlier, treatment is possible, and the condition can even be cured completely. 

Symptoms Of Tongue Cancer

If an individual notices any of the below symptoms, it is recommended to consult a specialist to get ahead of the problem and begin treatment. Top doctors at the best cancer hospitals always recommend consulting an experienced oncologist to avoid a faulty diagnosis.

A few signs to look out for that can indicate early stages of tongue cancer are:

  1. Sore mouth and throat
  2. Pain in the mouth and tongue
  3. Unusual change in voice
  4. Finding it difficult to chew or swallow
  5. Small lump formations on or under the tongue
  6. Red or white patches in the mouth

Tongue Cancer Treatment

There are various forms of treatment for tongue cancer. With the proper diagnosis and consultation done by a specialist, the types of treatment available are:

  •  Medication

Chemotherapy is considered one of the best forms of treatment for tongue cancer. In this method, chemicals are used to target and kill the cancerous cells.

  •   Therapy

Radiation therapy has proved very useful in tongue cancer treatment. It is used to shrink tumours and kill cancer cells by using X-rays and photons.

  • Surgery

This includes a surgical procedure called tumour excision used. In this treatment, the tumour is removed from the mouth, and surrounding tissue may also be removed by incisions in the body and surgically operating on the tumour.

  • Nutrition

Eating healthy can prove to be one of the most effective treatments for any type of cancer. Fixing your diet can combat the majority of the harmful effects of cancer. Make sure the diet avoids processed, oily and fatty food. In addition, alcohol must be avoided as its consumption can worsen the condition of the patient.  

Eating healthier foods rich in protein, natural sugars, and foods with whole grains can positively impact a patient’s ongoing cancer treatment.

A patient can expect good results if these steps are undertaken. Still, it is always better to go ahead with any of the treatments listed above only after consulting a doctor holding relevant experience. 

Best Oncology Centre In India

It’s easy to feel dejected when a member of your family is diagnosed with any form of cancer. This was the case when a family member of mine was diagnosed with tongue cancer. However, many of my friends and relatives recommended that we make an appointment at RGCIRC, New Delhi, as it is one of India’s best facilities for tongue cancer treatment. 

We were also told that it housed the best doctors and the facilities for cancer treatment in India. After we scheduled an appointment and took my relative to the research centre, the doctors reassured me that the cancer is still in its early stages and curable with proper care and treatment. We were then brought up to speed about the various procedures that had to be undergone to battle cancer. 

Today, the patient is in his best health, thanks to the splendid hospitality and nursing of RGCIRC. The doctors here are highly qualified in their respective oncology specialities and sub-specialities and adopt a patient-centric approach to give undivided attention to all.

Few Things To Keep In Mind

The research and development of cancer care worldwide are constantly evolving and will only get better and more accessible as time goes. As a result, future generations will have much better facilities and treatment available to them. This is possible because across the globe, at the best cancer hospitals, top doctors research extensively to understand the disease and find ways to treat it.

Any person who notices the early signs of tongue cancer should immediately get a doctor’s opinion, and if diagnosed, begin treatment as early as possible. But, most importantly, the patients should not feel dejected, as there are very effective procedures and treatments available to combat the disease. 


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