Prostate Cancer

22 June, 2021

There are many prostate cancer treatment options available. However, only your doctor can suggest the best course of treatment for you depending on various factors like your age, health condition, severity of the cancer, size of tumour, growth rate of tumour, and other such things. Read on to get an insight into the various prostate cancer treatment options to consider. 

List of Available Treatment Options for Prostate Cancer

  1. Prostate Cancer Vaccine 

The vaccine for prostate cancer will help you a lot in fighting the illness. It helps the immune system of the body to attack and kill the cancer cells.

  1. High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound 

In this type of treatment, the device will produce very high intensity sound waves, which deliver the energy of heat. The heat produced from the sound wave will destroy the cancer cells. 

  1. Cryotherapy or Cryosurgery

If your cancer is in the beginning stage, then the doctor might suggest cryotherapy or cryosurgery. This treatment or therapy involves a process wherein cold gases are released to freeze the cancer cells. 

  1. Bisphosphonate Therapy

To avoid any bone fractures or pain from prostate cancer in your bone, you will be given these drugs in Bisphosphonate Therapy.

  1. Immunotherapy

If your cancer is in an advanced stage, then immunotherapy is the best option. This treatment helps the immune system to attack and kill the cancer cells.

  1. Chemotherapy

If the cancer cells have spread out of the prostate, then chemotherapy is a good option to consider. These are the drugs that are introduced intravenously or orally through the mouth. These drugs shrink the tumour, attack and kill the cancer cells.

  1. Hormone Therapy

Some types of prostate cells need male sex hormones such as testosterone to grow. Doctors will do androgen deprivation therapy, which deprives them of these hormones. Without these hormones, their growth will be stopped. 

  1. Proton Beam Radiation

Proton beam radiations are used to kill cancer cells that have not spread much. Very small particles are used to attack the tumour cells.

  1. Radiation Therapy

High beams of energy are used in this kind of therapy to kill the cancerous cells. The two types of radiations used are Internal Radiation and External Radiation. 

  1. Surgery

If the tumour has not spread much and you are feeling healthy, then this is one of the best prostate cancer treatment options. You may face some side effects such as problem in maintaining or getting an erection, urine control problem, issue of controlling the bladder etc. This happens due to the damage of the nerves around the tumour. 

  1. Surveillance Actively or Waiting Watchfully

Your doctor might suggest you to wait if the tumour is very small or has not spread much. Most doctors won’t suggest any treatment unless there are symptoms. 

If you or your loved one is suffering from cancer, consult the best doctor at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute before choosing any type of prostate cancer treatment option. Different treatments are suitable at different stages of cancer. Multiple factors go into deciding the best treatment option for a person suffering from cancer. Only your doctor can decide the best course of treatment plan. 


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